don't hate the player, hate the game

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by storytime23, Aug 5, 2003.


do you agree or no?

  1. girls: yes

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  2. girls: no

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  3. boys: yes

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  1. My theory of why girls are called sluts and boys playas: girls no matter how ugly they are, they can get as much play and as often as they want, but in society this is looked down upon and not applauded like it is fore the males, see for boys they have to actually be good looking to get play, and so for most of them its a challenge to get play, hence why society calls males players, i mean shit girls, the poor things are prolly just jealous, DON\'T HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME
  2. guys arent the only ones that gotta look good to get play, because most guys i know wouldnt screw janet reno..
  3. Yah, I agree. I think in todays world there are just as many women out there playin \"the game\" as there are men. You can\'t hate the players cuz you\'d have to hate everybody.

    Everyones a player, some just got more skillz than others. I mean relationships are all a big game when you think about it ...kinda like chess. And much like chess people only get really pissed off when they lose. But while the game is going on its exciting and fun.

    Learing the \"moves\" and how to \"counter\" (talk your way out of) any situation is all part of growing up.

  4. y\'all best start callin me michale jordan then....

    ain\'t nithing wrong with havin game.... as long as you can play...

    remininds me of a proifile... :D
  5. here my analogy that most people have accepted pretty well.

    you go to a hockey/soccer/whatever game. your cheering on your favourite team. the center shoots... SCORES!! his 5th goal this game! what a player!!

    now the guy beside you is cheering on the other team. hes watching the goalie and screaming. he let in 5 goals in one game, thats just bad.

    how is it any differance than with guys and girls. a man has to work to get with a girl. chicks can just let it in whenever they want. i dont care if you think your the ugliest girl in the world, you can find a guy just fine. but youll still make that guy work.

    so if a dude can seduce a new lady every week, way to go.

    but if some skank is fucking some new joe schmoe every week, it just sounds sloppy...
  6. its all the same these days. ya got female \"playas\" as you put it, and ya got male sluts. i personally know some of both. quite frankly i think \"the game\" is full of far too many \"playas\" (if thats what we\'re calling them) who are just such assholes it aint worth playin.

    ... nah wait... i dont need to anymore! :D i got my soulmate. yas can keep yer game. i\'m outta here.
  7. hmmmm...yeah me too...





  8. *blink*

    its just all too weird, storytime, do I know you??
  9. i don\'t think i know you, why is something like what i said on some1\'s profile? if it si thats really funny, me and my friend christy wrote it, she helped me spell everything cause i am the worst speller

  10. its just really odd, I guess..
    I just put that in my aim profile about a week ago, after me and a friend were talking online, and that is the *exact* thing she said to me. I put it in my profile, come here and see a thread with the exact words. very strange..
  11. no... i call guys sluts too.... but guys see that as a good thing and gurls dont.
  12. haha are you shitting me, thats crazy, we were stopped at a light and i started think about it, so when i got home with her help i wrote it, thats really crazy tho
  13. whats all this profile talk!? did i miss something, or is this some insider shit that im not good enough to know about...

  14. read this... then re- read your response....then you\'ll no longer be in the dark.

  15. Ya have to hate the game. cause ya can\'t hate the player.

  16. all that did was send me on a crazy psycadelic quest through the thread, with very mixed, if not poor results.

    im confused ahhhhh!
  17. someone had that exact qoute ( the same one as thread title) in thier aim profile....

  18. I agree with that statement. In high school, there was one girl that had facial hair, ugly, nasty EWWWWW. Yet, she managed to get screwed by 2 or 3 different guys. Anoter girl, kinda same circumstance, but no facial hair, like a doorknob. Then there was a boatload of regular guys, not good-looking, but not ugly that couldn\'t get girlfriends no matter what. So I tend to agree with it.

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