Dont hate me because i been high

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FYFFE DAWG, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. I never said whats up all this time,guess its because i've been to high to see i diddent say something...oops

    So from the bottom of my bowl i say to you whats up my sisters and brothers in this grasscity, glad to be aboard.
  2. Welcome to the city friend. :)


  3. In years,im 35,tryed the ol herb back in 84

  4. Man you make me feel 35 but in a good way

    Ferris buellers day off is a clasic.

    I remember going to the drivethrough to see froce 5 and the Octagon remember that?
  5. hi there.

    now that's one thing I dig about american culture : the drive in. I have to do that one day.
    how great..

    Ferris buller day off, yes it's a classic here as well. I dig the part where the mum opend the dorr which lifts the manequin, one ROTFL.
    (I'm live in Paris/France)

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