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Don't get paid until tomorrow... what would you do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AngryYodaIs, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So I get paid tomorrow, and I'm going to buy a fat ass sac (of course). But I was wondering, since I'm dry today, should I go and buy a half gram from my dealer and game it up tonight?? Or should I just order a pizza and kick back until I can get some bud tomorrow. I really can't decide... it's such a hard choice! :(
  2. TB it for tonight, it's only Tuesday.

    Why not let money accumulate so you don't go broke?

    I make sure I always throw extra money in a vase for such situations. Why my friends like my ideas.

  3. I do the same thing, only it's called a bank.
  4. Just wait man, it'll make that first hit so much better. I get paid tomorrow and I'm picking up at 5PM, can't wait!
  5. #5 weednotcrack, Nov 23, 2011
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    Lol, you're addicted:laughing:
  6. get the half gram and go to a pizza place and get slices so you don't have to order an entire pizza. BAM win win situation right done there
  7. Just stick it out until tomorrow, you'll appreciate the weed more. And you'll probably get higher off of less of it, due to the (small, yet effective) t-break.
  8. Get some bud and eat something from your house

  9. I dislike banks. I can hold my own money ;)
    I don't even charge myself for BS fees.

    I do have savings account, as I like to see money grow, but all my spending money is saved at home and certain methods are kept to prevent spendage.
  10. Overdraft account with check to yourself, buy drugs, deposit money tomorrow with no consequence.*

    *requires bank account
  11. [quote name='"Zizzy"']Just stick it out until tomorrow, you'll appreciate the weed more. And you'll probably get higher off of less of it, due to the (small, yet effective) t-break.[/quote]

    I like your sig dude. And to the OP I would get the trees, why not? If you're not in the mood to smoke just put it away. You'll appreciate it when you're on a dry spell.
  12. get it on a front
  13. Yeah... I'm not doing that for a half gram. Sorry man.
  14. Can't stand getting fronted, wake up with 15 texts "Hey man, you got that money yet?" and it's fucking annoying.

    I'll probably just eat at my house and go buy some weed, Because like someone already mentioned in this thread. I'm an addict.
  15. What? You could do it for whatever amount you're going to buy not just a half gram, and if you're so nonchalant about it just wait.
  16. Let me rephrase that, I'm not doing that for any amount of weed. Sorry man.

    Nonchalant? I'm getting a quarter tomorrow man, I just like to get my smoke on. Habits are habits.

    I do appreciate everyone's opinions and suggestions though, thanks guys!
  17. Imo buy what bud you can and text your buddy's up and ask em if they want to match.

  18. Damn it! Your lucky. I have to pay for cannabis insurance. Incase you've never heard - it's like life insurance, but for cannabis.

    When you're dry you have back-up loot ;)
  19. Word. That's a good idea actually.
  20. Do you buy from that dealer a lot? Just ask him if he can spot you half a g tonight, and tell him you're coming back tomorrow with the money to buy more. If he trusts you, it shouldn't be a problem. I usually don't like getting fronts either, but I'm fine with it if I know I'll be able to pay them back the next day. It's convenient when I pick up my paycheck and can't make it to the bank before it closes.

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