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  1. Ok this might sounds crazy . I use to grow white widow and bluberrry with neon of 13 watt each x 4 and the vegetation went pefectly as wanted. Then i move so i didn't had the chance to see how the flowering is gonna do . This year i tried blue cheese - dutch dragon - big bang and i change the setup which is a 4oo watt hps . All of them went down i dont get it the temperature is varying between 19-24(max 25) the setup looks perfect too me but till it get to the 2 weeks the head of the plant just goes down like its going to die which died after . The plant looks healty but i just dont get it they are all dying is it the 4oo watts hps problem ? Because before i use 4 neon of 13 watt each which was perfect for the vegetation and all the plant went through it witout one drying . Im soo pissed right now i just lost 4oo $ of freaking dying seeds but i think the problem is the 4oo watts hps . Please give some advice here.
  2. I don't necessarily think the light is to blame. There would be some serious signs (crisping and browning of leaves) before it died. There could be many other reasons. Will need to know what kind of soil, nutrients, feeding schedule, watering schedule, etc. to help diagnose your problem.
  3. When an otherwise healthy plant just"goes down" is usually a root disease issue, at least from my experience. Like Tex says, give us some more details........I'd definitely rule out the light though.
  4. ya, even with too much light the plant wouldn't just fall over? u'd have the common signs, burnt leaves being the main one..... but when you start again back the light off, especially for seedlings. just for to be sure. I'm not a scientist but my guess would be that the heat created by the 400w hps in comparison to the tiny floros you were using previously will dry out your pots a few days faster.......make sure the soil don't dry up, cuz if so, your plant wont live too long Example: a plant dries up 2hrs in to a 12hr light cycle the plants gotta hang on in 24oC heat plus for 10hours, just for light light to kick off, then it still must wait for your to find it, then water.......poor plant.....

    shit son, i'm baked......

    good luck next time...
  5. The only thing i had look over as sym.. Its the branch is (like someone crack it most of the time it because all skinny in one part of it . The soil i use is in indoor one the only one its blue pack and comes from reno depot home depot . I mix it with some perlite since i heard that it make the plant grow faster than ever for the oxygene but other wise i didnt find anything more suspectious about it . I am just so angry right now for those waste of time and money .
  6. bro, you're plant shouldn't be dying for no reason. the only things i can think of that are harming you're plant is maybe your soil, or watering schedule or maybe some shitty seeds, idk im no expert. you say ur using a 400w hps correct? for how many plants? make sure its not too close. do you have ur plant(s) on a lighting schedule? how often do u water. don't water too much, just enough, under water is better than over water. and whats a "neon" light anyways? I'd say get a good strain, good soil or whatever medium you choose and germinate properly. with proper light, which you have, good soil, which you also seem to have, and a good lighting and feeding schedule, i don't see how you could have any problems.

    do you have any pics to show what you are talking about?
  7. i mean everythg is perfect but the head of the plant just goes upside down and when it does the plant looks perfectly healthy in good shape just wrong direction. and i dont have any pictures of it matterfact i do have some in the growing but not dying
  8. How far away from the lights are your plants? You say the stalk is weak.. The light could be too far away causing stretching.. or too close causing heat stress. You should get a fan blowing on them to build the stalks up. Also, don't be afraid to tie your plants to supports to keep them straight.

    Best of luck!
  9. my light are about 1 70 from the ground and my plant are right on the floor but i didnt blow the fan directly on them . just a little uper the plant i was afraid to injure them. should i try to grown again under an other type of plant .?
  10. Hello, I dont know exactly what the problem with your particular grow is because youve given almost no information about your grow-a lot more info would help us help you. However, here is some info that might help. First, if your using some kind of neon lighting-Get rid of it. Lighting is of the utmost importance. Hps is great for flowering but not so great for veg-use a 400 watt MH (metal halide) for the veg stage then the hps for flowering. With the very limited info youve given, it sounds like your plants are stretching too reach the light-which results in thin stalks that cant support the weight of the top part of the plant, which causes the head to drop down because it cant support its own weight. Since I dont have the time to write a book, do the following:
    Get pots-bigger the better, fill the pots with potting soil(not real dirt) and VERMICULITE (lose the pearlite) (about 60/40)-This helps with aeration of the roots and absorbtion of water. GET YOUR LIGHTING RIGHT-for seedlings use 4 foot fluorescents on a rope so you can raise them or lower them. (this goes for ALL your lighting), lower the floro's till they are damn near touching your plants (they give off very little heat and wont damage your plants). Once they have vegged a little, switch to the Metal halide, this time, raise the light some so the plants dont get burned-hold your hand to the top of the plants-if its too hot-raise the light till its about the right temp (mid to high 70's are good-Farenheit) the light should stay on 18/6-or 24 hours a day-I prefer 18/6 because it more closely mimics what the plants receive in nature. Watch the plants grow-raise lights as needed. When they get about the right height switch to hps for budding-put on a heavy duty pool or spa timer at 12 on 12 off-Your grow space should be COMPLETLY dark during the off cycle-Leave the space alone during the off cycle-resist the temptation to check on them during the darkness. After 8 to 10 weeks they should be ready-youll be able to tell because the leaves will turn yellow and start dying off. This is normal.
    A couple of notes
    Dont overwater-wait till the dirt pulls away from the sides of the pot-this means the plant has sucked up all the water and needs more.
    Dont overfertilize-Chemical ferts are fine if used in VERY small amounts-If you fertilize alot, they will die.
    DONT buy over priced seeds as a first or second attempt until you know what your doing-but you prolly figured that one out by now.
    DONT DONT DONT DONT tell your friends or anyone else what your doing-This rule is incredibly hard to follow, because youll be proud and will want to show them off-DONT DO IT-well, unless you like cops and prison cells-Neither appeals to me. But I trust my friends you say....hahahaha your call, all it takes is one idiot to tell another then you have cops doing knock and talk on your doorstep, and THAT you dont want-trust me.
    A note about ventilation, it helps control the temps-suck good air in and bad air out-how you do this depends on your means and your grow.
    Harvesting: cut of the big fan leaves then hang the plant in a cool dry place-hanging the plants upside down does Not allow the resin to collect making the plant more potent (only an idiot thinks this)-its just easier to hang.
    There ya go, a primer to beginning growing-do this and youll succeed.
  11. thanks alot man i will look into a type of seed to order (female ) and i will keep the result posted here :D i hope this time i wont see them dying again
  12. I got one last question my room the temperature always get at 30'c how could i keep it down ? Last time i blew hard the vent on them and was still close 26-27 . Do i need to get a kind of cold wind stuff ? Thanks guys
  13. guys please someone tell me how to get the temperature coolder ? even when i blow the fan on them the them is 27-30 'c
  14. build in an exhaust fan (probably with a carbon filter), and an intake hole to bring cool air from your house, or a crawlspace, or the attic.. If ducting/cutting holes in walls is not a possibility, you might be able to get some kind of air conditioner, but I don't know anything about that. Ventilation is your best bet.

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