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Don't forget to tell everyone I'm a winner - cuz I am a winner!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TexRx, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Don't forget to tell everyone I'm a winner - cuz I am a winner!! - A superstar!!

    This is how I have to be sometimes -> obnoxiously positive!!

    Pass me the big bowl of positive vibrations!!

    And I do this cuz it helps me overcome the BS in life

    Same with my self-esteem. I have to think highly of myself!!

    What about you? You jelly? What do you do to stay jelly?


    ....and hey, I pass out rep
  2. This sucks asss I just smoke to get over the BS and it helps alot
  3. [​IMG]

    j/king lol...no disrespect, :p

  4. ^^^What sucks a$$? I vape a lot & I rule!

  5. there is no one like me

  6. Well YOU dont suck ass, but that positivity shits weird, well to me at least. My friends mom is like thta and its weird, like she ''unlocked the secrets of life'' from watching some movie called the secret I think. Its all about that feel good shit and postive stuff. Just my opinion though no disrespect brahh
  7. ^^^ I hear what you're saying! Everyone does their own thing!

    Yoga or meditation would never work for me

  8. To you sir i say!
  9. Fuck it, cool story OP but you'll never dominate me in xbox just saying. im a fucking beast!

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