Don't feel good enough for a relationship

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Deleted member 948257, May 5, 2016.

  1. Been single for 7 years currently 21 I just don't see myself as being desirable or worth anyone's time

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  2. that negativity will mess you up
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  3. Sounds like severe lack of confidence and/or depression. ANYBODY can feel that way man trust me...I've been there. You need to dig yourself out of this slump asap....the longer you wait the worse you will feel. Get out in the world and live man I'm sure your eyes will be opened. There is somebody for everybody. Think of it this way: You can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that there is somebody out there looking for somebody JUST LIKE YOU. I promise you that bro.

    Keep your head up!!!
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  4. "Feeling"

    "I don't feel.."

    You are an animal, not a man. Animals have instincts and do not let their feelings get in the way of them. As a man, having any sort of negative feelings is a recipe to starve and guess what? The world will watch you starve. They'll crack jokes about how hungry you are, tease you with just a taste and then take it all away just to watch the hope drain from your eyes only to be replaced by hunger.

    You need to hunger for it.. And until you do, i hope you fucking starve.
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  5. Me neither, but I stopped caring about that when I was around you age.
  6. Well pimpin, It sounds like you've stumbled onto the land of the hopeless .. those that live in this kind of darkness fail to realize that the game will test your patience & much like night time turns into the bright morning .. every one of us must go through a period of darkness before the light shines .. so just kick back & be patient bcuz the light eventually will shine on all of us, some earlier than others .. don't look at it like your unworthy of a relationship just understand that the hands of fate has a babe out there for you, she just hasn't met you yet ... Just be patient pimpin ..
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  7. If you're only 21 then you haven't "been single" for 7 years. 7 years ago you were 14 and those are some very young years to count as dating or non dating years. At 21, you're barely at the start of true dating years.

    Sounds like you're in a mental slump. The first thing I'd look at if I were trying to "fix" you is what shape you're in. A healthy mind rarely exists in an unhealthy body. Something tells me you're not this down on yourself, while maintaining a rigid workout regiment. Chances are, you could use more gym time. You would feel better physically, look better, and most importantly have the energy needed to get out of the slump.

    Next up is life fulfillment. Do you have something in your life you are passionate about that is large enough for you to lose yourself in it? A job you enjoy, or interesting degrees to pursue? A hobby you can spend hours on?
    In short: If you don't have positive routines in your every-day life, you'll end up spending tons of empty time in endless depressing self reflection.

    A healthy bodied person (exercise, nutrition) who also manages to find interesting activities and things to study, is very unlikely to get down on him/herself like you did. Get that heart rate up with some cardio and put in a squat or 50 per day. Then get hobbies. Stop focusing on whether or not someone finds you desirable and focus on enriching your own life for your own life's sake. Not for someone else to find you appealing. A well built life and personality will easily attract others.
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  8. Dont be a pussy thats it. Go talk to a girl. And 7 years? U think u have to start dating at 14???
  9. Theres no such thing as relationships, its an ILLUSION, we're all just puzzle pieces and even if youre the lone star in thecorner of puzzle, youre still a part of the picture, its when you paint yourself and twist yourself to fit in a different spot thst you no longer belong. Im with the guy up top, we're animals, regsrdless of our artificial creation, we are still part of nature, watch the movie MR NOBODY. that goes for everyone reading this, you can never turn back time, our lives are like the NBA bracket, branching off with 2 or more outcomes to every opportunity to make a choice, sometimes the only viable choice, is to not make a choice at all, when you do that, every option stays open
  10. Nobody is your friend, nobody is your enemy, everyone is your teacher
  11. "Theres no such thing as relationships"

    Uh-huh. Tell that to my wife of 25 years and girlfriend of 7-8 years before that.

    Re: "Illusion", & "Puzzle pieces" - what the hell does that even mean???

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  12. marriage is what unhappy people like yourself do to make yourself feel less alone becase you desire the higher consciousness that connects you to every living being of the earth. Freedom does not exist in a marriage because commitment prevents you from csrrying out acts that you desire, like hooking up wth that girl from the bar, or even going to the bar, in some cases. Like an invisible leash. Relationships are what you take them for, for me its a word. (look up semantics) some puzzle pieces fit together really well like you and the person you share a bed with, and some dont, but like myself, a square puzzle piece can fit flush with at least one side of every other piece of the puzzle.
  13. Thanks for the advise I'll be sure to update you : D

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  14. I've been seeing a therapist for 12 weeks it has changed me for the better I'm becoming like my old self I tried committing suicide 4 months ago

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  15. Very intriguing I see your point

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  16. "marriage is what unhappy people like yourself do to make yourself feel less alone"

    Unhappy people like myself? Are you that totally crazy that you think you might have the slightest inkling of who I am and what makes ME happy???

    For your information, I am totally and completely happy and content with my arrangement with my wife -

    But to be totally honest you aren't even worth my breath.

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  17. You sound like a beta.

    You need some testosterone flowing in you.

    I was like that a month ago, saying no to girls who asked me out. Kicked myself in the ass (mentally) and now fucking girls who want to be fucked.
    Haha, well 2 of them at least.

    Be a man, being whiney will get you nothing and nowhere in life, it's nature's law.
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  18. Then whyd you reply. When I hear criticism its usually backwards, what I read was "im not worth your time" and youre right, good luck and may you find god
  19. be careful listening to some of the advice you received above.

    anyway, if you don't feel good enough for a relationship, you're probably not ready for one anyway. don't stress. when you're in a relationship or getting to know someone while you're super insecure, you're more likely to destroy any sort of relationship before it begins.

    But at the same time, you don't have to be some perfectly put together person before you're ready for a relationship either. you just have to be confident enough to be yourself so that you'll attract the person who is right for you.

    a lot of confidence is working on what you can work on while seeing improvements and acknowledging your own growth. it's just going out on a limb and DOING while seeing how far you've jumped. then saying, oh okay. I CAN do this. I am capable.

    It's okay to be a work in progress. All of us are.
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