Dont ever hang with the cooks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slacker., Aug 2, 2008.

  1. So im a waiter at a restraunt and i hang with everyone except the cooks.

    We have some weired ass weed selling cooks here.Anyways one night after work im smoking a joint in the parking lot talking to some of the other servers.One of the cooks walks up and asks me if i wanted to hang.

    I decieded to go because i didnt feel like going home so we went to this store and i went in and bought a case of budlight and he bought a case so we go over to his house that looks completley like shit on the outside its fuckin cool as hell theres on the inside theres,a big ass plasma tv,lether coutches all this cool shit and im like hell yeah.

    After about 10 mins of sitten there breaking up weed and talking this big ass 350 lb pitbull come walkin in from the other room im freaking scared im comfratble around dogs just not this one that looks like it could bite my leg off with one bite.

    So i chill there for a couple of more hours and im pretty drunk and high we are watching superbad and talkin about dumb shit all of the sudden he pulls out a gun and tellin his dog to stay down and shit just screaming at me to give him my pipe my weed and my money im like ok gun in my face 350 lb pitbull im outta this mother fucker he starts laughing and comes to feel my heart witch is racing 1000 miles an hour

    All in All im probly not going back for awile it was just a wired ass night
  2. All I really got out of that was Dude had a 350 lb pit bull, and that's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Poor pup.
    Oh, and something about a gun. Did he seriously take your shit, or what? I'm :confused:
  3. Do you mean it was a prank?
  4. I feel your story bro haha rep++
  5. wtf he pulled a gun on you? he didnt take your shit right?
  6. Those cooks, always up to no good
    -Dude is a waiter.
    -he/she was smoking a Jay in the parking lot of where he works while making conversation with fellow waiters (MUST be in a union! haha)
    -A cook invites Dude to go chill Which he politely accepts. For he does not wish to be at home.
    -they stop at a liquor store.each pick up a case of Budlight
    -The cooks place looks like a peice of shit on the outside but LOW an BEHOLD (NEVER judge a house by its exterior?) a pretty dope place to chill (Plasma TV. Leather Couches.etc)
    -10 mins in Mr.Waiter is breaking up bud on the table. and a "350 LB Pitbull" walks in an pretty much scares the shit out of him (Waiter)
    -They relax, watch superbad, and shoot the breeze (Holding a conversation)
    -All of a sudden the COOK snaps on Mr.Waiter. (Pointing a gun at him, Menacing dog barking, and demands he gives him all his belongings.) AS A JOKE!

    haha there u go for the "Mentally Altered"

    I sound iNtELLiGeNCE!!!:smoke:
  8. Haha ^^ Thanks man... but still... worst prank ever.
  9. I've done that to someone before, just with a shotgun...didn't like the kid anyways haha woo!
  10. i wouldnt be able to hang with people that pulled that type of shit.
  11. WOW fuck that. I'd never, ever, ever point my gun at someone unless it's come to a violent situation and even then I think I'd be uneasy. You never know how that persons gonna react. You could've tried to kill him out of desperation for all he knows. Crazy.

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