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Don't even get stoned anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NtothePtotheK, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I smoke a lot of weed, and my tolerance is definitely maxxed out right now. The best stuff I've had in recent history was some Creature and that only got me about as high as if I'd smoked an extra bowl of regular nugs. It's frustrating but it takes freaking forever for my tolerance to go down. Even when I don't have my own (which is quite often :() my friends smoke me up a couple times a week, too. Alcohol is terrible for your body so I don't drink that much, don't really want to do other recreational drugs anymore... been there, done that, got the Tshirt... Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. use to have, started to mix different variants of cannabis, and smoking tools. A bong or a bucket should take you higher (or lower), then a spliff. But if thats your tool already, then prob mix variants of your smoke to enhance the effects.

    I dont smoke weed, i smoke hash. And smoking hash (hash only, no tabaco), in a gypsy, bucket or in a glass, should take you where you wanna be m8 :) , but again somewhat hard to do, if you r doing weed, but mixing variants should do some difference.
  3. see i dont really get that problem cause i tend to also splitting my innebriated time between booze and pot helps me not get too high of a tolerance for either...but i still have a hich alcohol tolerance naturally
  4. Just quite for a couple of weeks then you should be able to get high the first time you smoke... but then again I wouldn't want to quit for a couple weeks..
  5. its not as bad as you think. Its awesome the firs time you get high again. High like the first time.
  6. all i can say is mix up ur stuff i use like 4 diff typs(kinickinnick,Salvia Divinorum ,red hairs,Lobelia inflata)and thats a good combo but not to much of the salvia that stuff can make u really sick really fast ;) try that in a water bong
  7. When I get my tolerance built up. I usually just quite for a week then start back but thats just me. Stay High
  8. First I just wanna say thanks for all your suggestions! You guys are really supportive of my plight :p

    I'm all set with Salvia - I haven't done it yet but I've read enough about it to know that I'm not going to bother unless I get some extract and sit myself down with a bong. I will try mixing it up, maybe even go buy a bag of mids for sh*ts and giggles and throw that in the salad (minus the seeds) ;) Thanks!

    Easier said than done, you're right though. I would, except if I do, my tolerance builds back up so quickly that by the third smoke (after the break) I would be back to usual. So I don't even bother. And quitting for a month is just plain out of the question! xD

    thanks again guys


    edit: P.S. - yeah I already smoke out of a double percolator bong and an ice bong often ;)
  9. THC has a half life of one week, you can make it go faster by exercising and drinking water (< doesn't make it go faster, just helps cleanse), so if you quit for a two weeks, i really don't see how you could have a tolerance build up in three sessions, that must sucks some major ass
  10. when i was smokin like 8-10 times a day everyday it got to the point where my tolerence was high, i bowl would allways get me a nice buzz though and a 2nd one would get me real nice and ripped. Maybe like dude said above, switch your weed up, i try to get different weed as much as possible.
  11. i havent missed a day in years, and have never noticed any sort of tolerance.

    to my knowledge, its all in your head man. just let yourself be high. dont try to fight it by thinking you should have a tolerance because you smoke so much. instead, think of how many people smoke many many times as much as you, and still get as bonked as they did when they were 15.

  12. you saying 1 bowl got you buzzed when your tolerence was high, or before it did?
  13. *Dont even know whats going on*
  14. Yeah, I agree with other people that have said to mix up strains and general grades...

    I've noticed that if I go a while smoking dank all the time, then go to schwagg, I get realllly fucked up. However, you have trade the taste and what not.

    Also, usually when I purchase, I try to purchase a gram or so of a couple different kinds. Then I try to smoke one for a little while, then switch after a couple days. Damn, that works well. But you have to have a dealer with a variety at his/her hands.

  15. Let's go with that... that means after 2 weeks I would still have 25% of the THC in my system that I previously had in my system. So what's 25% of about 2 grams a day for the past year (factoring in that halflife thing retroactively)? I don't really know, but I bet it's still a lot. My sessions usually consist of 2-6 bowl/bong/whatever packs, even assuming 2 bowlpacks a session every other day (which is minimal for me), how long do you think it would take me to get right back where I was? I would say about 3 sessions.

    I don't really see myself having the willpower to quit for weeks at a time :p However everyone who has given me either advice or sympathy has been a big help and you have all been really supportive, and except for the "quit for a while" suggestion I have been taking pretty much all your suggestions... and you know what... it's working ;) I'm still a heavyweight smoker but switching up the buds and smoking devices has helped a lot. Also eating pot (when i can afford that kind of liberal usage) still gets me mad fuxed up ;)

    Thanks all, you guys are awesome!

  16. Haha... I only know one person who smokes more than I do, and that would be my best friend. He goes through about an eighth a day, give or take. And about half of that he smokes with me :D You're allowed to believe in whatever you want, I myself believe in proven biochemistry and the fact that I do indeed have a physical tolerance, from raising the THC level in my body faster than it naturally dissipates. However I don't think you're wrong, that is to say, I could probably get a lot better mileage by having the right mindset. I'll remember your words ;)


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