Don't Do Meth

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, May 6, 2006.

  1. yea dude, meth fucks you up for sure, haha both physically and in the sense of how fuckin ripped u are when your rushin n shit
  2. the last guy looks better on the meth then he did off
  3. hehe he reminds me of stifler from american pie

    good video, i fuckin hate meth and anything like that
  4. go rent the movie Spun and watch it. awesome movie. hah. not saying it's accurate or anything... but it's about meth and it's entertaining.
  5. Wow...those people look so beat. Good thing battery acid doesn't do it for me!
  6. They just look tired malnourished and cut up, meth makes you not want to eat or sleep, and makes you scratch your face off. Most of what you see in those are only the indirect effects of the drug, which are non existant with moderation. I'm not saying meth isn't bad, but those pics make it seem a lot worst than it actually is. Personally I'd never touch the stuff (although I railed some in an E pill once and felt it's effects alone for the first 10 minutes...wasn't that great), but still it's not like there's some chemical in the drug that makes you skinny, tired and cut up.

  7. Ugh, I couldnt stand that movie. For me watching the movie was pretty much the same experience as hanging out with a bunch of tweakers.
  8. That movie was fucked up.
  9. i too, am not a big fan of meth. so there.
  10. then claw and scrape it, as the meth heads do.
  11. haha
  12. yea meth fucks you up for real its just a hillbilly drug. ill just stick to my :smoke:
  13. yea, meth is horrible shit...
  14. The song is "The Drugs Don't Work" by Radiohead, if anyone was wondering. Great band tbh.

    I've done Meth, personally i've done it more than once... I just know that it is a very addictive drug, those people let the drug control them... when you start messing with drugs like Meth and Heroin, you have to have alot of self control not to keep doing it. I'll do meth on a very rare special occasion, maybe once a year.. if that.

    Honestly it sucks that that happens to people, but don't blame the drug for their stupid decisions and innability to quit.

  15. That's exactly what I thought!!!!!!!!1
  16. ::applauds loudly:::hello:
  17. its sad, just imagine what there poor familys must feel like and what they must go through, I will never touch that shit, by the way does meth make you really speedy and shit you get things done faster?

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