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Discussion in 'General' started by ICARE4U, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi, Guys!
    A 23 year old kid died last Sunday morning. He overdosed on Oxycoton. Most likely the reason for his death was mixing Oxycoton and alcohol. I'm just typing this in hopes it might deter another person from making the same fatal mistake.
    I went online to find out more about this drug and came upon this website. A user named "VEXUS" was asking in this forum if he could mix alcohol with Oxycoton. I hope he's still alive. He posted his question on July 13th. I have no idea what happened to him but I hope anybody who reads this stays away from Oxycoton because it can be lethal mixed with alcohol.
    I am a mom and I have 2 daughters. They both knew the boy who died. I see how it has affected them. I wish that people wouldn't use drugs like oxycoton and methamphetamines and many other serious drugs which steal their lives. It's hard for me to understand why people jeopardize their health and well-being and take the risk of killing themselves for a temporary "high". It's just not worth it.
    Be careful. Even if you are sad and depressed the problems you are trying to run away from or "escape" will still be there. All people do is compound them and make it worse. These drugs become an addiction and now the problems have intensified and an individual is digging a deeper hole for him or herself. I'm sure that for some people it starts out as "recreational" and just an experiment to experience the rush. My advice would be to never get started in the first place. Look for other ways to have fun. (safe things like card, tripoley, hearts....or go to a stuff like W11) If you really would rather put your life on the line ...then rock climbing or skydiving..rather than DRUGS.
    Well, tomorrow and Monday are the memorial services for the 23yr old who died last weekend. What a waste! Think of his poor younger sister who found her dead brother. Think of his mom and his friends. Be cool you guys reading this. CARE about yourselves!
    God LOVES you and I do, too!

    XOXO ICARE4U :wave:
  2. sweet, better the gene pool.

    wrong section.
  3. Hi mom! lol I only smoke pot. I dont do the hard drugs.
  4. fuck pills....pills kill.
  5. When I mix oxycontin with alcohol, it doesn't kill me. I must be doing something wrong.
  6. I understand you are generally concerned about other peoples well being and are trying to help, but no matter how many times someone is told of the dangers of drug abuse its not going to end it. People do what they want and many of them don't respect or even relise the strain they are putting on thier bodies resulting in overdose.
    I think in my oppinion the majority of people on this forum are very clued up abut the dangers of drugs with alcohol, and in reality if any drug is abused it can result in death weather it be mixed with alcohol or not.
    Plus this is a marijuanna forum which in comparison is a softer drug(i know other drugs are spoke about too)
    sorry for your loss anyway....
  7. silly kids.

    pills dont kill.

    pills have never killed a single person in all of history.
  8. And this is a forum because everyone on here loves at least one particular drug, so i don't think thats the best thing to say.
  9. lol wut?
  10. Keep it that way!......

  11. what did you miss?

    no drug has ever killed anyone.
  12. I gave suggestions for people to have fun without doing anything which will hurt themselves or others. Like I said earlier my intention is that I wish people didn't mix drugs because it's a serious gamble. "VEXUS" and maybe others are reaching out for answers as to whether it's okay to take Oxycoton and alcohol and I am trying to give them an answer to those people who don't know. It's a recent experience that a 23 year old kid was alive and hanging out with friends like many young people do all the time but now...he's DEAD. I want to warn anyone who doesn't know what risk they are taking. I agree with you that many people choose different "pot" and alcohol. I'm only trying to help anyone considering mixing hard drugs to realize it can be FATAL.

    Playing games like poker is innocent and so is can play all night and you won't end up in a BODYBAG the next morning.
  13. overdoses are natures way of saying you just werent cut out for life.

    if youre dumb enough to get shitfaced drunk after eating strong pills,

    then the gene pool is that much better without you.
  14. information is the key to doing drugs safely. if you do not know if two substances go together or not then don't find out for yourself. do research. don't just ask people on a forum, go to places like erowid or look it up on google.

    people need to be informed more so they can make a decision based on facts and not just scaring them into not doing them (which hasn't seemed too work). there should be a drug awareness like thing, but for only one grade like sex eduaction. it should teach the affects and composition of drugs, the good and bad sides, and other misc. facts.

    that's what i think
  15. If people choose to do stupid things without the proper research that's their problem, not yours, not mine, not this site's. Them.
  16. Meh, if he survived hopefully he does some research on dosage next time.
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    who are you to tell us what to put are lives on the line for? if im goin out, i rather be overdosing on heroin than falling 300 feet to my death from 'rock climbing'.
    and ive never heard of a 23 year old KID...thats 5 years past what i call being a kid, for those counting at home.
    it was his decision in the end. who mixes mass amounts of opiates and alchohol anyways? dumb bunny
  18. umm.........thats...not......true
  19. true that. un responsible users kill themselves USING pills. used recreationally responsibly pills do not kill.
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