dont do DUSTER

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  1. well im zooming on 120mg of adderall XR so bear with me. okay anyways, yesterday me and two buddies were passing around the duster just taking it one hit at a time, we were all standing at the time. so its passed to me and i hit it, just once, and next thing i know my eyes are closed and i pictured someone hitting me in the face. soon as i pictured that, i felt a sudden pain in my nose. about 45 seconds later i finally opened my eyes to me lying on the couch with my buddy standing over top of me almost freakin out. i guess what happened is when i hit it i passed out, and fell straight forward hitting the middle of my nose directly off the edge of a metal cabinet. now i think my nose is possibly broken because when i breath through it, it hurts so bad i cringe. and i can feel a crack in the bone and it feels seperated from the rest of the bone. gunna go to the docs tmr and have him check it out.

    and because im zooming and pretty stoned...:):confused::eek::mad::rolleyes::cool::devious::p:hello:;):D:wave::smoking::eek::(
  2. one time i was riding my bike hittin duster with my friend. I blacked out hit a pole with my face and layed there for like a couple
    Min. Plus a cop drove by when i was on the ground he said
  3. This kind of duster?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Allison is walking on sunshine[/ame]
  4. if duster is another word for whip-its (inhaling the gas from whip cream canisters)
    then i hope your dumb ass learned a lesson.
  5. Dude "Dusting" is soooo bad! when u take a hit theres refridgerator fluid in it and frost bites ur lungs. there was a person i knew who did this and he was found died in his room with it in his mouth:smoking:
  6. haha i remmember in health class they talked about it. and he said inhaling it, when you do it any sudden scare or jolt could kill you

    so we all laughed and i said "like when the cream shoots up your nose"

  7. Why do duster when you can do REAL drugs.
  8. I heard that 33% of people die from that shit their frist time usin it...
  9. Hahahaha, inhalants.
  10. LOL whip-its are 100% safer than computer duster. They use that in dentistry for god sakes!
  11. Lol wow. I laugh at people that do duster.
  12. I'd say it was the mix of the 120MG of Adder and then the duster ontop that took you down. Just sit down, might not have been so bad.
  13. i dont like inhalants. i dont mind people who pop pills, blow trees, take shrooms/acid. but people that fuck around with much more serious shit, i stay away from.
  14. :laughing:


    I love that bitch. That video is fucking hilarious. GREAT intervention episode :yay:

    I used to duster it up every once in a while when I was young and stupid.

    I blacked out and fell out of my chair, busted my chin and chipped a couple of my back teeth-- dumbest thing I've ever done. Won't touch it ever again thats for damnn sure. :rolleyes: :mad:
  15. i think i just stick with weed cause all that other stuff has an OD problem and its dangerous as shit. Don't do stuff that can cause bodily harm to ya man but to each man his own
  16. All I can say is.... No shit.

    Edit: No offense, but....
  17. lol, why would you ever...
  18. My buddy used to do duster. The mother fucker would never buy it, he would just use it in the store(asking to get caught). I remember he geeked out one time while doing it in walmart and walked out into a busy aisle, stood there....and drooled. I had to walk his ass out of the store *facepalm*.

  19. I know a guy who used to walk around cvs drinking robitussin. haha
  20. Duster is the stupidest shit I've ever seen.

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