Don't buy your girlfriend a pipe.

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  1. I bought an ex girlfriend a 60 dollar glass pipe
    it was about 12 inches and had the look of a Sherlock pipe
    it was a gift, and bout 1 week and a half later she broke up with me.
    moral of the story kids, don't buy your girlfriend something nice.

    it looked like this^ but bigger and in the sun it changed colors.
  2. So repo that shit!!
    Be like "Bitch - we aint married, Im takin my shit back!"
  3. haha, i would totally - but I'm not riding my bike 15 miles out of the way to get it back
  4. HAHAHAH,shit,i never buy anything for a girlfriend,if anything ,my ex girlfriend bought me shit.shit i pimped it out.and played it real cool,i got a breand new sk8 borad from my ex and a hurricane harbor pass,and tons of free meals,and ofcourse head for days.i think i bought 1 thing,it was a dvd and then we broke up.sooo my 20 to her 500.i think i won:smoking:
  5. ahaha man, thats great
  6. This happened to my friend 3 times. All within a week of getting their new piece.
  7. if you aint married, dont buy beezies shit PERIOD
  8. This is like if you get her named tattooed on you then you know it's over for sure,
  9. I left this message on her myspace
    "hey dude.. long time no talk... uhh.. can i have my pipe back?"
    lets see if she'll even respond.. haha
  10. hahah i'll pray for you at 4:20,hopefully the Goddesses of Cannabis will let her be kind hearted enough to let you have it back :D
  11. damn sad ha.
    but i bought a new helix pipe and i paid for it well, my gf claims its OUR pipe.
    but if that happens to us. that shit is coming with me or her moms house will be set on fire ;)

    jk, babe.
    shes a fellow blade lol
  12. ^^^^^

    but for real tho.
    the pipe is MINE
  13. That's never gonna work. You got be like: hey I got this good nugget and I was thinking about that pipe I got you and how good it hits and was thinking hey I should call you and see if you want to smoke. Then when she's high just take it when she's not looking but only after get'n some quik x girl hook-up nothing like that "we broke up so this dont mean shit so lets do what the fuck" hookup, Word!

  14. HAHAHAH that would work,and if she ask for it back,BONE OUT!!:D:bolt:
  15. you should buy ur ex a dildo, so she can go fuck herself :D

  16. Lol, Tell us the outcome. :smoking:
  17. hahahaha:laughing:

  18. :hello:
  19. That's why you give your partner a nice pipe, but one that you really wouldn't see yourself owning. And I think once you've given the gift it's geniunely hers, at least whenever the chick smokes she'll have to think of you right?

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