Dont buy blackleaf

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  1. ^^^^^ moral of the story
  2. i agree. My blackleaf piece just broke about 1 month after having it. Thin ass glass where the slide goes just broke....... fucking shatterd. SO PISSED. But hey, you want to buy a 71 dollar glass bong and you get what you pay for. WONT MAKE THAT SAME MISTAKE TWICE.
  3. So it's decided, just gonna smash out the inline and fill it with glass beads and use that until the rest breaks when cough to loud. Then I'll just use my acrylic until I can save enough for a decent piece
  4. Why be mad at the brand when you were the one willing to take a chance on a cheaper brand?
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    You think you'd be able to post a milk of it with the beads in it? It sounds like an interesting concept.
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    Why would it be my fault that they're a crappy brand? I did settle for it but it doesn't make them any better, I'm tryig to not let others make the same mistake I did
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    Definitely, smashing the inline out could be a small challenge though. Any ideas? I can't shake it up enough to break it up and can't stick a rod in it since it has a bent neck

  8. Can you get a metal nut in there to break the inline down? You run the risk of cracking the housing, but I think it's your only bet.
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    Maybe drop a marble in there or something? No clue brotha
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    The housing is actually decently sturdy but the problem is I couldn't get a significantly sized one past the ice catch
  11. here you go
    1. take a torch and light against the farthest point of the inline houseing
    2. take needle nose pliers open glass, careful its like hot lava
    3. remove broken inline with pliers
    4. take glass cup and melt glass onto hole to seal houseing back up
    and thats it bro let it cool off in the fridge or w/e and in a few hours it will be good as new just without the inline
  12. Took an antennae and bent the last section to hook in Terence and while breaking up the inline the bottom broke out, quarter sized hole that used to be equally thin glass as the inline. Tomorrow im heading to the dollar store and getting a bag of glass beads and finding something to plug that hole with. After the process is done I'll throw up more pics, possibly milks :) otherwise I'll be on here talking about how shitty black leaf is. (still pretty pissed about how thin the glass is in certain places)
  13. The newly broken bottom

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    I dont think you made a mistake

    I think you just cant accept the consequence of your own actions

    and your just taking it out on the brand.

    Its not your fault black leaf is a low end brand. And its not black leaf's fault that you knocked your bong over and it broke.


    If you didnt knock it over ever, I guess you wouldnt be mad.
  15. Same thing happened to my $285 Hoss the lesson is don't knock shit over
  16. dude, you shoulda said that in your first post.... it explains everything.
  17. What I refuse to accept is that a bong should break when it's sitting on soft foamy carpet and tips over onto soft foamy carpet. It didn't fall a few feet onto to tile, it just tipped over
  18. Put in glass beads and glued a rum bottle cap to the bottom haha it doesn't to much drag but no milks until I pick up next :/ haha

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