Don't be scared.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Superweener, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. If all of us, despite our differences and opinions, came together as more of a whole, we'd be in a better state. One of the things our masters count on is our separation. Combine this with no fear - even of force, and they would be quite stunted.

    Of course, this is extremely general, and time plays it's role. With that said, I don't support the use of violence other than if my life was in danger. While I can plainly see how Obama is corrupt and a liar, I wouldn't lay an ounce of hurt on him.

    It is up to us. Before overthrowing power, we have to overthrow our egos first.

    (P.s. this doesn't even apply to just cannabis. It's bigger than that- freedom to live.
  2. Just remember Lincoln's famous words :" A house divided against itself cannot stand."

    For us that means if we want legalization to happen we need to put our differences aside and join together to see that it happens.

  3. I always liked that quote.

    Angus Reid Poll: 55 Percent Of Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

    ^ That's pretty much the norm now. As few as a couple years ago that would be decently rare to see such a strong win for legalization. Medical Marijuana has introduced so many and their families to the truth and keeps that keeps support spreading like a weed! :cool:
  4. Lincoln was paraphrasing the Xian bible. Luke 11:17/Matthew 12:25

    I didn't know we had any differences here? ;)

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