Don't appreciate my girlfriend anymore....

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    So basically my girlfriend has the best personality and loves me. For a while I appreciated her so much and things were great. For the past 2-3 weeks I just haven't appreciated her. The fact of the matter is that she isn't very attractive. She's overweight (I like my girls thick but she's past that and going into fat). I've talked to her about slimming down but she won't listen. I'm an attractive guy in fantastic shape so it only makes sense my partner should be into fitness like I am. I don't want to dump her cause her personality rocks but the figure needs to be shaped up.

    I started off being like "yo you gotta loose some weight so we can fuck." But I caved in and now she doesn't care about loosing weight anymore. Help me out guys... :(

    CAll me an asshole all you want but I'm really not.

    UPDATE: So she said she would start loosing weight. She just wanted to see how much I really cared about her and if I would've left her over physically appearance. (Good thing she isn't on GC).
  2. [​IMG]

    Come home with that, pimple and all.
  3. dude i really doubt its a situation where your like

    'you need to lose weight'

    and she says 'no im definitely not going to try at all'

    and if its like that then yeah be like 'sry bitch but i like ketchup and your turning yellow'
  4. have a serious, sincere talk about it. tell her that you would really appreciate it if she lost weight, and that you love her and everything but if we're gonna be together forever babe, i want you to be healthy. tell her your just looking out for her best interests.

    but hey, if you werent into fat chicks, why did you date her in the first place knowing that you might just break her heart one day? did you need it that bad?

  5. Mo' Cushion Fo' the Pushin
  6. Damn cuh , tell her to lay off the food and join a fitness club
  7. Buy a thin sex doll and stay with the girl you love

  8. I went for her personality and her ass is hella nice so it's not like she's a gross fat fucking shit cow. She definitely has physical potential, just needs to unlock it.
  9. I need some pics of your incredible hotness, thanks.

    Honestly, if she is unhealthy and has absolutely no desire to change and be more active and get in shape she doesn't sound like the right girl for you. I don't think I could date an over weight couch potato. Not because I think being overweight is disgusting and everyone should be a certain weight and look a certain way but it's about lifestyle choices. I love being active. Going to the gym, hiking, biking, maybe some basket ball or tennis etc etc. I want to share all of that with the person I am dating.

    I'd approach it as something for you two to do together like hey babe lets go to the gym or lets go for a hike or make a healthy meal. It's a touchy subject tho for sure. If she is not willing to meet you half way I'd consider moving on.
  10. Does she smell like buffalo?

    Nothin worse than a fat bitch that stinks too. Its a whole different kind of stink. Like mean rot
  11. Leave her, what is so fucking hard about that!
  12. Lol @ gross fat fucking shit cow.
  13. How would you want your girlfriend to handle this situation if you were in her exact position?

    This should hopefully guide you on a safe path away from non-compassionate territory.
  14. I used to date women for personality, and got some hot ones interspersed with okay and overweight ones. Sexual attraction is an important part of a healthy relationship.

    After getting cheated on by a 4.5 out of 10 I washed my hands of chics which don't do it for me. Now I simply refuse to date women who aren't above a certain number on a scale to avoid the problem OP is having.

  15. He said he likes em thick, she's past that, his not into her in the attractive way. Have a talk with her and if she wont listen, it wasn't ment to be.
  16. I could be wrong, but sounds to me like you think 'less attractive' people should be grateful for any attention they receive and not believe they deserve better.

    Everyone deserves better than someone with an attitude like that.
  17. Howd the .5 cheat on you?


    Im guessin handy
  18. OP, if it was you the one getting fat, would she leave you or what. I'd take that into consideration..
  19. Lol, weird that ugly men struggle to get laid. Ugly women can just spread their legs. Someone will take up that challenge.
  20. Nah, he means that a girl who was a 4.5 out of 10 on the Sexy Scale cheated on him.

    I read it that way too at first. Like how the fuck does half a bitch cheat on you? lol

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