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Don't answer this unless you are stoned...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. If you were eaten by a lion, would the lion get indigestion???

    There is an answer to this.. Believe it or not!
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm....

  3. S.O.S. LOL

    Whats up with you??
  4. There have been reported insidents of lions getting indigestionj fomr eating poeple!? freak me out.
  5. That lion would die. fuck the lion. I would not get eaten by a lion, thats the answer. ::smoke:
  6. fuck yeah he would... that mother f'er better know that while im being half digested in his stomach enzimes im gonna be kickin an puchin like hell.... all the lil chewed up an gnarled peices of me...:D
  7. if a lion took me down and ate me,,I would make it my mission to be so idegestive that he will wish he had got food poisoning! :D
  8. well if the lion ate you while you where very stoned, then the lion would get stoned, then it would eat too many munchies and get indigestion. Simple.
  9. it depends how much mexican food i ate that day
  10. lol,by the time l smoked that big old pussycat out he,d be vegitarian,lol.

  11. i would def fend off the lion with a samurai sword and liek ice cream cones

  12. I believe you could do that to critter.. Smoke him out and make him a vegitarian!
  13. id just pack the lion into my bong and be done with it


  14. the lion would eat the good parts and go away leaving you to the birds
  15. Not unless he forgets to take a Pepcid AC
  16. Yes, cause i'd punch it good! i think
  17. y u wanna mess with me head like dat dude?!
  18. Well, Bud Head, I'm stoned, and I still don't know the answer to this.

    Are you gonna' tell us already or what?
  19. well if im stoned at the time

    id pull a samson and

    cue that lion up

    medium rare tender lion

    its loin huh hehehe

    lion like munchies

  20. lol probably not coz the level of thc in my blood...seeins how pot works as an anti emetic :p lol toke on!!! :smoke:

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