Don't act on impulse.

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  1. Bad things happen. Earlier ish I kissed my friend who I told I was bi too. Oh man I was like I got a small crush on you, and started kissing them. First it was on the lips then we used tongue. I'm a girl and it was my first time kissing another girl.

    We are close friends, but i dont know.
  2. girls kiss girls all the time
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    Can you expand on what happened, and have you done this with more than 1 girl :O!!! PLAYER! :p
  4. i want pics or it didnt happen
  5. [​IMG]

    but whats the bad things that happen? did it lead to hot lesbian secks?
  6. Can you explain exactly what happened? Like where your hands were, where her hands where, etc.
  7. win..
    for mankind
  8. i do a lot of feelings, we were talking and i turned and said i got a crush on you and kinda got really nervous and then i was like i want to kiss you. We did, and then I had to go. I feel bad though coz they like someone else.
  9. HAHAHAH! giggidy
  10. LMAO dude that's funny haha i can't rememeber, I wanted to do more
  11. In on EPIC thread.
  12. Epic thread is epic :p
  13. Does this stuff remind you of the kinda shit that happened when you were a freshman in highschool??

    o and good job OP good job
  14. I've never quite understood, what's so desirable about girl + girl?
  15. :poke:
  16. *uses Kung Fu to break stick*
  17. Hon, don't hassle it! At your age, your hormones are still "doing cartwheels" and you are still figuring out who you are. The line between friendship and love is very thin and easy to step over. We fall in love with who someone is, not what "plumbing" they happen to have! You might describe a real friendship as loving someone without using sex.

    If you had kissed another boy, I wonder if you would be having the same emotional turmoil? Probably, but to a lesser extent. Society still hasn't grown up enough to accept same sex relationships on the same level as heterosexual ones.

    Now you mentioned she is already in a relationship? Now that could lead to trouble- jealousy/possessiveness and all that jazz. But a kiss is just a kiss (even with tongue :p ) If her relationship is solid, no real harm done. If it is shaky, it was already shaky, but you should let it fail under its own power. Don't be the one to break things up*. If you are at the beginnings of being in love with her, wait for the present relationship to end before you make another move.

    When I was in Jr. High school, I met a blind kid who said "People are just voices to me. I just listen to what they say". (We were discussing 1970s racial unrest- he had no memory of skin tones having been blind since about 2.) I have tried to live as "blindly" as he did- LISTENING to what people say. If I hear love and respect in a relationship, I'm fine with it- no matter what "plumbing" is involved!

    Granny :wave:

    *If they cheat on their present lover, why would you think that they won't cheat on you eventually?

  18. wowww that thing the blind person said is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. like i'm sitting here all like :eek:
  19. Don't feel bad/awkward about it at all. There's really something beautiful about girl on girl action...
  20. next time, please act on impulse with that girl. don't be afraid to videotape it either!

    just kidding, but really... o.o

    there is something beautiful about girls kissing other girls, like the other person said. but not-so-much when it comes to guys kissing guys..

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