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Donor Application

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SexyMentalPrism, May 5, 2011.

  1. Yeah,so if anyone read my other thread about how long it takes to get weed out of your system....I'm doing the application right now,and of course one of the questions is when was the last time I smoked.
    So should I tell the truth or lie?
    I mean,they could do a hair follicle test or something,couldn't they?
    Am I just paranoid?
    Or am I stoned?
    Haha but I?
  2. donating what blood, cum, hair?
  3. If you are donating a part of your body to someone else. For the love of fucking christ don't be rude and ridiculous and just get fucking clean before you do it.
  4. Jesus,what the fuck?
    I'm being neither.
    I am clean,and I'm donating my eggs,thanks.
  5. Just like you shouldn't smoke when your pregnant I don't believe you should give "bad eggs" tell the truth and they might accept you anyway who knows, no point deceiving on something that wont effect your life in anyway.

    Edit, you say your cleaned when you just said

    "Or am I stoned?
    Haha but I?"

    Dont just lie straight to our faces.
  6. Well,I'd never smoke when I'm pregnant,because I'm not stupid,so I'm not doing it now because the application will take some time to go through.
    But I did do it about a week ago to get to sleep for finals,so that was the last time until I get a letter of acceptance or not.
    I was just making a joke about being paranoid by inserting the song lyrics (they're by Green Day),but apparently,either nobody gets it or everybody wants to get on my ass about it.
    But thanks anyways.
  7. By the way,thanks Jedi.
    The only person with a humor bone in this thread....

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