Donnie Darko

Discussion in 'General' started by Locus, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. anyone ever seen donnie darko, i just watched it, missed the first 15 minutes but i watched the rest so i think i got it...anyway if anyone watched it what did ya think?
  2. I've seen it. It's an alright film.. a thing to kill time with I guess. Everyone dies alone. :D Check out
  3. frank not here...went to get beer..

    great sound trac....jammin 80's music
  4. yeah thats cool, i liked it :)
  5. Yeah that movie is really cool.I need to add that one to my oversized collection. Does anyone know who directed the movie?
  6. yeah it was directed by richard kelly, i think im gona get the dvd also
  7. I just watched for the second time a few days ago. I really liked it.
  8. that is god damn scary man..........but for me

    Dead as well
  9. I love that movie so much.

    It's kind of a tradition for me to watch it once every couple of weeks when I'm drunk and smoke a good bowl about halfway through. Makes for a whole different movie.
  10. I LOVE that movie, its one of my top 5 favorite movies, amazingly weird and hard to figure out.
  11. I liked this movie alot. The first time I ever watched it I was on acid. Craaaazy time, yo. I had to watch it again after the first time because I couldn't really remember anything about it..
  12. Why do you wear that stupid human suit?
  13. love the movie
    love! the soundtrack
  14. Kickass movie, like the original version over the re-edited one though.
  15. Overrated

    Wow, teenage angst and a fucked up's an instant classic. Not to mention it's one of those movies that literally everybody has seen but everyone thinks they're the first to discover it. Then they need to spread the word like Moses coming down from the mountains.
  16. definitely a great movie.

    "destruction is a form of creation... they just want to see what happens when they tear the world apart. They want to change things. "
  17. It sucks monkey dick, by far one of the stupidest movies ever made!

  18. what he said ^
  19. I liked it.
    The plot was kind of fucked up as was the time shifting.
    But at least the time shifting wasn't horribly done in a repetitive manner like Memento (*shudders*).

  20. I saw it for the first time abut 2 weeks ago on one of the independent movie stations (IFC, Sundance). I really liked it. I have to say though, at least for was easy to tell that 'Grandma Death' was to play a significant role. Perhaps its just me remembering my creative writing classes, but I can often determine foreshadowing/foreboding before the story reveals it.

    I always liked the song in the Halo 3 commercial, but I never knew what it was.....then I heard it again in the movie and was able to find it. Turns out its a remake of a Tears for Fears sogn called 'Mad World'.

    Its somewhat difficult to look past the stupid visual effects and aspects of the movie, but there are deeper messages and meanings. Something I read on the movies Wikipedia page was pretty interesting.....

    Director's interpretation
    Writer/director Richard Kelly does not deny personal interpretations, but has expressed his own theories through the extra commentary on the two DVDs, his own (fictional) book The Philosophy of Time Travel, and in various other interviews.
    According to Kelly and his Philosophy of Time Travel, at midnight on October 2 a Tangent Universe branches off the Primary Universe around the time when Donnie is called out of his bedroom by Frank, immediately before the appearance of the Artifact, the faulty jet engine. The inherently unstable Tangent Universe will collapse in just over 28 days and take the Primary Universe with it if not corrected. Closing the Tangent Universe is the duty of the Living Receiver, Donnie, who wields certain supernatural powers to help him in the task.
    Those who have died/will die within the Tangent Universe (and would not have died otherwise) are the Manipulated Dead (Frank and Gretchen Ross). Manipulated Dead Frank, at least, is also given certain powers in that he is able to subtly understand what is happening and have the ability to contact and influence the Living Receiver via the Fourth Dimensional Construct (water). All others within the orbit of the Living Receiver are the Manipulated Living (e.g. Ms. Pomeroy, Dr. Monnitoff), subconsciously drawn to push him towards his destiny to close the Tangent Universe and, according to the Philosophy of Time Travel, die by the Artifact.
    There are two "Franks" in the story: the living boyfriend of Donnie's sister Elizabeth, and the Manipulated Dead Frank who appears to Donnie as a premonition from the future in the disturbing rabbit suit (the second Frank is dead, or undead; at the end of the film he is killed by Donnie). Dead Frank is aware of Donnie's fate and destiny.

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