Donnie Darko ... what?

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    What is up with the movie Donnie Darko ... it made NO sense to me at all. I think I see something, but I am not sure.

    Did Donnie dream into the future and see what would happen if he didn't get killed by the engine so he decided to stay in his room when the engine hit? But didn't the engine actually come off the plane his Mom was in and therefore did he actually travel back through time somehow? Somebody please enlighten me on this movie.
  2. From what i understand the reason Donnie travled back in time was to save Gretchen.
    Frank saved donnie first when the jet fell into his room. Donnie kills Frank because he ran over gretchen and killed her. Donnie goes back to save Gretchen but in a martyrdom/sacrificial way. The jet that didn't kill him before squashed him when he went back. yeah it is kind of confusing.
    Why R. Kelly wrote it like that, i have no idea but i think it make the film more interesting. I guess it would complicate everything if Donnie had saved Gretchen without sacrificing himself.
  3. donnie darko teh pwnz
  4. love it............brilliant film..........Peace out.........Sid
  5. HAHAHA i remember when i was just like you. But i have since then found out what in the hell that movie was about and it now totally makes sense. What you have to do (this is really really awsome) is go to the website and the whole site is a puzzle and you just have to mess with it until you unlock next levels. but be sure to READ EVERYTHING on there and after you finish the whole thing the WHOLE movie will make sense. lets just say the book that he got that was written by "grandma death" is the priciple to the whole movie. so yes go and do it now you wont have to ask questions about the movie again....hopefully.
  6. If you can get your hands on the DVD with extras, watch it carefully...theres so much to this (brilliant!) movie. you will understand it much much better..hit that website too, and watch the movie again.
    theres the website, youll read about living receiver, the manipulated dead, manipulated living, etc... all which are explained in the book "the Philosophy of time travel", the book which donnie recieves from his science teacher.. basically donnie is the living reciever which randomly was chosen to have 4thdimensional powers (mind control, telekensis, super strenght etc) and this i sjust the begining, I dont want to spoil anymore, its somewaht difficult to explani very well, but you get it more when you get into it more..I moer or less understand it, just hard to explain..but this is the jist of it, at least the main character and start..
  7. R. Kelly made this film? The same R. Kelly that got into trouble for peeing on some kids? That's messed up. Anyways,
    it's a good film.
  8. No, a rapper could never write something as brilliant as Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is like a superhero and when the engine fell out of the sky it messed up alot of things so he had to sacrifice himself to get everything back into order like it would have been had he been in his room and not outside with Frank. I think.
  9. Oh, thanks for clearing it up.
  10. i found a real cool thing the first time i watched it, very stoned indeed.

    when donnie's in class and gretchen first comes in, before she does, they're talking about the book they read. donnie talks about how when one bad thing in the world happens, another good thing makes up for it.

    later in the movie, when is little sister is doing her dance thing, it flashes back and forth from that scene and donnie in some guys house cutting the water pipe. either it was a guys house or the school, i cant remember, i havent seen it in a long time. but if you watch it, you'll know what im talking about.
  11. I can't figure out jack shit about the website. I'm on a page with a bunch of words that change when you go over the plusses. I've tried putting in the phrase that frank says and other random stuff but nothing seems to do anything.

    Donnie Darko was the first DVD I ever bought. It's a great movie. I usually just download any movies I want, but I wanted the ability to show everyone that movie where ever I went. Several of my friends have had to go out and buy it after watching it with me so they could try to figure more out. I love it.
  12. Somebody just tell me what this movie means ... I am sick of the website, I can't even begin to play around with all that madness.
  13. yes that website can be very irritating. so to answer your question wang besure you have cookies turn on and if you are using mozilla turn cookies on or bear down and use internet explorer. and love and loyalty i think it is just to easy to tell you the answer so here is a guide to help you through the website i believe getting through the puzzles and stuff yourself is worth it.
  14. donnie darko is about the

    Deus Ex Machina

    the God Machine

    if you go to the website, do all of that, read the philosophy of time travel, and then watch the film with the commentary you'll understand it a lot better.


    Deus Ex Machina

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