donky punch?

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  1. lol the donkey punch, i aint heard that one in years, except we said stomach not the back of the head.
  2. Best song ever by avenue d:
    Got a new dance, real easy to do
    just take off your pants and watch my crew
    if you do it tonight you might get laid,
    if you do it right, hell you might get paid
    first off, all you hoes and skanks
    turn around, bend over, grab you ankles
    wave that ass up in the air,
    shake it real fast like you just don't care
    now someone else who's tough and strong
    go rub that ass up with you dong
    make sure she can feel your boner
    later you won't be a loner
    rub it up and down 'till you both start creaming
    extra points if you got her screaming
    and when your dick starts turning red
    punch that bitch in the back of the head
    Donkey Punch
    D-D-Donkey Punch
    yea make me taste my lunch
    I wanna Donkey Punch

    Fellas come up from behind
    grab that ass and start to grind
    whack your meat on my back seat
    while I bend and grab my feet
    riding smackin' it
    all the boys attackin' it
    pinch a punch a bang your wang
    to the back of my head to my pootie tang thang
    go pow pow put my face on the floor
    smack it up now knock on my back door
    cuz I wannit tuff wannit ruff
    bend me over, shove yourr stuff
    at my pie and backside
    and take me for a donkey ride
    gotta decide are you the head or the tail
    do you wanna ride or are you getting nailed?
    baby grab me by my ponytail
    and slide your hide up in my backside
    ride these thighs until I'm crosseyed
    I'm dignified, but I like to freak
    and I got technique to make your knees weak
    baby shhh don't speak, grind with me!
    slap these cheeks while I ride your D
    if you wanna be inside of me
    baby show me now that you know how
    to shake it like a maniac
    cuz if you're good on the dance floor,
    your good in the sack
    I'll grab my ankles you grab my butt
    and let's donkey dance 'till you bust a nut
    (audience participation:)
  3. DJ-Assault?

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