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  1. anubis autoflower
    she was supposed to take 6-8 weeks and is now on week 10 or 11, getting very impatient. i have a shitty jewelers loupe for trichomes, so it's hard to see very well. they seem to be all milky but just thought i'd get some opinions from someone more experienced. and yeah, i accidentally starved her when she went into flower so she lost all of her leaves way too early. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. She looks done to me. Take a small nug and bake it for a bit to dry it out. 200° f should do. Smoke it and that'll tell you whether you want to chop yet or not. I need to read more on the trichomes bc there's some mixed information on that. Some are completely against allowing them to go amber at all. Just try her and see.
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  3. I agree
    she looks ready to harvest

    Start chopping the ripest buds then let the lower growth go a few more day if you want
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  4. I'm a noob. Only one harvest so far but lots of research. I'm a fan of the 'everything should look ready, not just trichomes'. So on that note, I'd say maybe a week to week and a half. Personally I would wait untill almost every pistil has started to shrivel into the calyx. But that's just me. You may surprise yourself how much the buds swell in the next week. Mine did noticeably in the last week before I chopped her.

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  5. Yes, the hairs are what made me suggest trying a bud to see. I just feel like the white hairs sticking out all virgin-like is suggesting a wee bit longer but none of the fan leaves are looking green at all anymore but there could be other factors there. I still think trying it is a good idea. What do you think?
  6. Another week my friend
  7. Take her and use the time you would have waited (for nothing to happen) to start the next round. Without many leaves...she's not going to do much more, IMO.
  8. My plant was pretty bare by the end, I tried some of mine when they looked like yours and it was pretty good

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