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  1. So I made a thread a bit back, and this is a follow up and just a general feedback thread haha.

    Anyways I was best friends with this girl, named Simona. I'm a senior in HS (yes im 18) and I've known this chick since grade 10. I didn\t have feelings at first but in grade 11 semester 2, I began to actually like her more and more, we chilled a lot, talked and soon enough we became best friends basically.

    So she went away on vacation for the summer, came back and school started. I was hella baked one night and before passing out, I wrote a very detailed note on my iPod specifically about her, my feelings, etc. Well I was a dumbass, forgot about it and she ended up reading it on the bus ride home. After that, I found out she just recently started seeing this guy (heard it from one of my friends) so I got pissed she didn't say anything. I then found out that she thought i wrote that note a long time ago (I wrote it sept 2nd) which was kind of strange cos the date was right there...but k.

    So we ended up not really talking after that for a bit, she tried to but shhe knew I was pissed at her and I wasn't going to be a dick and tell her to get lost. So this wednesday (the one that just passed), we went to her apartment complex on the way home, and sat down at a local park bench to have a talk. My friend dropped the hint that she may cry. I figured I had to do the only thing and cut her off, ignore her, stop talking to her, etc and thats the part where she started to ball her eyes out. I told her I wrote that note sept 2nd and I felt about her and wanted to say everything tht was in that note to her in person. She was horrible timing.

    She told me she was sad cause shes had friends go, bad ones and all and they wouldn't matter to her but when she sees good best friends go, she loses it.

    So well, I gave her a hug, and told her I was gonna miss her, she did the same. I turned and said bye and walked off my own way while she went her own.

    She was my best friend. Who I loved. I can honestly say she was the only girl I actually saw something in. Turns out shes dating this guy thats in UNI or college, age 20 or w/e and has a car, blah blah.

    But yeah, its been hard not talking to her, and it sucks it had to be this way.

    What do you guys think? Did I do the right thing? My friend brought up a smart idea, that if she stops seeing that guy, I'd have a pretty good chance of getting with her, but I realized I didn't want to be stringed behind as a PLAN B.

    She played me in a way, sucks seeing her everyday either at lunch or on the bus, as I'm trying to just forget about her.

    feedback plz ? i've been bakin since then at least 7-10 bowls a day.
  2. I would of done the same. chill on the bowls though man.
  3. Did she? Or do you just need a reason to justify your anger? Sometimes it seems like every guy who is friends with a girl and the friendship doesn't lead to sex believes that the girl was playing some game or teasing him all along when the reality is a girl might want to be friends with you for the same reason a guy would. It sounds like she's hurting, like she didn't know or didn't actually want to trade her best friend for a boyfriend-- but yeah, you probably did the best thing for both of you.
  4. Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

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