Done with low stress training!!!

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  1. I began low stress training the beginning of may. 20190504_143917.jpg 20190504_143940.jpg

    It is now june 17th and i have concluded lst.
    20190617_072349.jpg 20190617_073707.jpg 8 kosher kush
    20190617_073713.jpg 6 big ones are deathstar
    20190617_073725.jpg gorilla glue 4
    20190617_073730.jpg two Skywalker og single Cola experiments.

    Comments welcome. Going into 20 gallon pots this week.
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  2. excellent looking crop. but why is your training done? none during the stretch?
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  3. Contrary to belief, low stress training done too late in veg can be harmful to the plant. Or atleast for me. Lol
  4. I also plan to take clones during the stretch to keep plants even at the top of the canopy.

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