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  1. So City,

    Lately events have come along which got me thinking about X-mas. You see I am not religious and do not believe in anything. I used to be- I actually went to a catholic school and was an alter server , But then things didn't seem to make sense. I moved on after I could grasp the concept of evolution.

    With X-mas coming up I do not think it is right that I actually celebrate this holiday. Its sad- its way to commercial. The only reason I still take part in the exchange of gifts is so I don't feel like an asshole.

    Now I don't know about your X-mas, but my parents just ask me right out what to get me, and if I don't tell them my brother will. And my parents tell me what to get them- I didn't even say I was going to buy anyone gifts and they've already told me what to get them.

    This fucking holiday is bogus. Maybe one day if/when I have kid(s) I'll be into it- try to not make it about presents (there will be some but nothing rediculous) or religion, more or less just a happy/jolly time of year.

    Sorry for venting,

    Whats your Holiday's like?
  2. I know what you mean, but just exchange the gifts to show that you love your family and to show that you care, don't relate them to x-mas if you dont want to.
  3. i definitely know how you feel... I've never come to terms with Christmas, I just keep my mouth shut and buy gifts.
  4. Even while an Episcopal accolite and lay reader ,I didn't "have the faith".

    I simply celebrate American commercialism instead.
  5. Heres the thing I dislike about christmas, everyone is so nice. I mean people you cant stand try being nice to you, its a joke.

    Im like this if I dont like you, I dont like you 365 days of the year. At least people know where they stand with me all the time. I hate being someone else for the sake of the time of year.
  6. yeah christmas sucks
  7. I agree. I hate how busy the stores our too during this time of year it's a real annoyance.
  8. blame Sir Henry Cole and John Callcott Horsley
  9. I like christmas because of all the nice lights and decorations, and the good music that seems to fit the weather that it brings. The christmas shows they give from when we were still young are good too. They've replaced a lot of it now with crap, but sometimes you can still find charlie brown or some other old christmas show.

    I don't relate christmas to gifts or religion. It's just a time of the year that I enjoy.
  10. Christmas is becoming way too commercialized. But, my family makes the best out of it. My dad used to shovel my dogs shit into 8 piles and put it ontop of the roof in a line. He would be like" Hey Willy!!!Look Santa's damn reindeer shit on the roof again!". I'd get a fuckin kick out of it. I believed in Santa til like 8 when I was finally like...Theres no fuckin way. Christmas time with my family is always fun, we're lutheran but everyone in my family smokes...except the women really, they think its unclassy.

    Back on to topic, I try to make what I can out of Christmas. I go nuts and buy shit for people, just random funny stuff. I never expect anything back though. I'm 21 and my parents still spend crazy money(its actually quite ridiculous and I'm ashmaed of it lol) on me for my birthday and christmas, birthday is December 22nd. Sorry I'm just rambling on and using commas like crazy but I'm too lazy to fix em. Have a good Holiday Season GC, be safe.
  11. Christmas should be reinvented and be called the December Solstice Celebration. That way, it can appeal to everyone and offend nobody.
  12. [​IMG]

    He knows when you are sleeping,
    He knows when you're on the can,
    He'll hunt you down and blast your ass from here to Pakistan.
    You better not breathe, you better not move,
    You're better off dead, I'm telling you, dude.
    Santa Claus is gunning you down!

    But seriously, I'm not a big fan of xmas. Hate the christmas decorations, hate the lights, hate the commercialization as has already been mentioned
  13. I know how you feel. My family doesnt even do the whole gift exchange on christmas morning anymore. We just tell eachother exactly what we want and then go buy it and give it to the other person. My new video card is already in my computer. Me and my father already gave my mom her 400 dollar digital camera. And I just gave my Dad his 200 dollar starbucks card and a 100 dollar chapters card. It's retarded, we basically buy our own gifts when you boil it down.
  14. Twas the night before christmas and all through the hood every creature was stirring and up to no good.
    All the dime bags were hung by the fire with care in the hopes that santa stoner might soon be there
    I was asleep when arose such a clatter, I went down stairs to find a drunk Santa emptying his blatter

    thats actually all I Remember sorry

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