Donde est el Bano?

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  1. Hello Grasscity! I randomly stumbled across your forums last night after my friend informed me I should try hot water in my bong. I spent some time drifting around and reading forum posts and I found this to be a community I would love to be a part of. :D So I figured I would sign up and say High.

  2. hellow :wave:
    welcome to the city !
  3. Mi bano es su bano!

    Why hot water in the bong? and how did that lead you here?

    No matter, all are welcome, even hot water bongers!:D

    I fry mine with canna-butter!
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    I not sure why he wanted to put hot water in his bong, but I googled Hot water vs cold water in bongs and this was the first site that came up. Apparently the discussion took place around here before me. Thanks kindly for the warm welcomes.:wave:
  5. mi cuello es un cuello!
    no lie!
    i took two years of spanish and thats what i remember :D

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