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Donations Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlwaysSmokey, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. I saw a dispensary with a sign up saying

    420 SPECIAL : ALL MEDS ON ( B.O.G.O) / PATIENTS WILL RECEIVE A GIFT BAG / 8th of SHAKE / and 2 JOINTS with any DONATION . (OPEN FROM 4:20am to 4:20am )

    I am still new to the recommendation card scene and was wondering what do they mean by donation? Does donation = purchase? If not how much or what do you donate?

    Thanks to anyone with info to help
  2. I think they'll have a jar and want you to drop money in it. Free 8th plus a couple joints? I'd drop a couple twenties cause that's darn nice of them.
  3. Well thats what I am curious about, I have seen donation deals before but never thought to ask because they were just ok deals. This one though seems really good and def wanted some opinions from people who might be familiar with the while donating thing.
  4. In the mmj world a donation is nothing more than a purchase. Dispensaries can not "sell" marijuana, so instead they call it a donation for time spent growing, soil, energy costs etc.. So an 1/8th may not cost $30, it would require a donation of $30
  5. It's just a whole play on words but you are actually reimbursing the grower like stated above. The word donation should not be used as it does create so much confusion. What you are paying for is everything but the actual plant. Lights, nutes, time spent, .....

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