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Donating Plasma

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldgreenetea, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hey, so I was wondering if I should start donating plasma in college. I cant get a job right now so this seems like a legit way to make some side cash. I would just rather not spend my parents money on weed ya know? My roommate did it and he got 50$ a week and there are no commitments, just twice a week and you have to go and pump plasma for a bit. I think this would give me a steady weed income. The only thing is what would it be like to get all tired and then high after donating plasma, my roomate is a small guy and it wipes him out.
  2. Ive been doing it lately but Im nervous about doing it alot because Ive heard it can leave scars.
  3. I did it, it was pretty bad ass.
    I almost passed out my first time but it was pretty cool experience i was blazed
  4. i did this two years ago in college. i smoked weed but i never ran into them drug testing me or anything. they check your arms for tracts marks though. it was a legit way to make money. i did notice though it seamed like while i was donating i tended to get colds more often.
  5. Word bro i donated last week and i got a pretty bad cold right now.
  6. where do you go to do it?
  7. I did it a couple times... eventually i felt the money wasnt worth it. i just didnt like the idea of lossing my plasma like that to support getting beer/weed. but i dont think there's much harm in it, i just didnt like it.
  8. What exactly do you have to do to donate Plasma??
  9. bump....i heard they drug test you before you can give plasma....this true?
  10. I have never nor has my brother. I don't see why the ywould spend the money, like a previous poster said they will check for track marks and such.

    If it's weed and whatever, you can donate away!
  11. i just went today, and they made me piss in a cup, but i dont think they test for drugs? at least not weed?
    After going i can definatly see why they pay you-it takes FOREVER. I heard it took about two hours your first time, so i gave myself two and a half hours. Well two and a half hours later they were just about to start taking my plasma. So i gotta go back tomorrow, at least i got all my paperwork and physical bullshit out of the way
    granted, it is 40$ for your first visit, 50$ for the second.
  12. What about tattoos? I heard that you have to wait at least a year after getting a tattoo to be able to donate blood. Im guessin its the same thing?
  13. im not sure about having to wait a year but i know they dont like tattoos
  14. So if you are super high, and you donate blood. Will the person they give the blood to get high?

    I've always wondered.
  15. I'm planning on donating plasma starting next year... help pay for apartment rent and weed.
  16. lol i dont think so
  17. Maybe if they gave the blood right away to the person.:smoking:
  18. I've heard a story that a guy died from donating plasma for so many years. All his organs failed, something like that. I don't know how true it is though. They say donating plasma is a relatively new thing and not much research is put into it.
  19. Yea i havent heard much about it until college. The fact that these organizations are trying to collect "plasma" kinda makes me laugh. Maybe its just the word plasma. Maybe its just me.
  20. i'm going to do it this week or next week to get some money to pay some tickets off. I don't plan on making it a habitual thing though

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