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Discussion in 'General' started by conagher, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Can you donate Plasma with potblood?
  2. No, they absolutely won't take it. And they test your blood every visit.

    I used to donate plasma about two years ago when I wasn't smoking due to a relationship I was in. I kinda miss doing it, though. For some reason I like needles.

  3. You could take up heroin. ;)

  4. Nah, I like things being taken out, not put in. :D
  5. What is donating plasma? Ive heard of donating blood of course, but never donating blood for plasma...

  6. thats a little weird?! lol kind of gives me the creeps to think about..

  7. Plasma is a substance in your blood the color of straw...what they do is take out your blood in cycles, separate the plasma, and then re-insert your red blood cells. It takes about 6 or 7 cycles, depending on how much you weigh. And they pay you!
  8. I know plasmas in my blood lol. I meant what do they use the plasma for. Why do they want my plasma?

  9. Link
  10. I never knew. Thanks.
  11. Exactly how much loot do they shell out for doing this? I could use some money, hah.
  12. So you would have to stop for a couple weeks, right? Or could their blood tests detect it in your system longer?
    I could use a reason to quit for a couple weeks........

    and get paid for
  13. ummm, my pot head friend donates plasma hempress, so I think that it depends on your area.

    He for sure donates plasma, he has done it at least 5 times, and he smokes pot pretty much everyday... so I dunno, can't hurt to try i guess
  14. here they pay either $25 or $50 a donation, and they limit you to 2x a week. unfortunatley there arent any plasma centers around here, otherwise I'd be doing it every week.

  15. I could undersand if they drug tested their donators, but now you say this... is there really hope for us charitable potheads who wouldn't mind an extra buck??? Theres one in the same city as the casino I go to. :D

    It never actually said they tested for drugs on the website, I dont think. :confused:

  16. a place to get free money, and a casino that you visit.........i smell a recipe for disaster, i wouldn't be able to trust'd just avoid the, pick a diffrent plasma centre..........been doing well, used to be really bad, you know the part that Benicio Del Toro plays in Snatch.........that was'd bet on 2 raindrops running down a't betted in 2 years now........and don't even feel the urge............but damn, getting paid $100 per week for plasma.........mmmmmmm J/ out........Sid

  17. yip, and i bet they get lots of people in a hurry for cash through the door.......if it helps others out, i'd rather just give it away like blood........but damn that's a big carrot to dangle aint it?...........Peace out.........Sid
  18. What I've read (don't quote me on this- do some research yourself) and I think is true is that actual THC will only stay in your blood for a short time (say a day though that is a complete guess) and after that it is converted to other Canaboids (not the same as THC but they are still classed as cannaboid in composition and structure) and either filtered out of the blood into the urine by the kidneys or put into adipose (fat) tissue and similar such places. You should be ok to donate plasma if you aren't stoned/freshly sober.

    I'm not 100% on any of that- there's probably some innacuracies etc as I read that a LONG while ago. I'm sure you can find something on the web about it though.

  19. Huh...well, maybe I was wrong. Keep in mind I was completely sober and free of THC at the time. I quit for 8 months. But I do know they check you for track marks every time you go...and they do take blood samples from your fingertips every time too.

    Or maybe it's just the plasma centers in my area...I donated at the center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania nearly 2 years ago. I haven't done it since 2002.

    Well, I guess it can't hurt to try...but if it's your first time, I know for a fact they drug test you then (urnialysis). And it takes a long time to go through all the tests they do on the first visit.

    At the center I went to, they paid you $35 on your first donation, and $25 the second if you went in the same week. After that it was $15 the first time a week and either $25 or $30 the second time in a week, depending on how much you weigh. The more you weigh, the more you can donate safely. You'd lay in a bed with a needle sticking out of your arm and attached to a machine. It takes about an hour for the whole donation part, but they let us watch movies while we were doing it. And don't fall asleep! They will send you home for that. After they get all the plasma and your blood cells are returned, they inject you with a saline's verrrrry cold. Then you go to the counter, show you donated, and they give you money.

    They use a large needle, so if any of you are nervous about needles to begin with, you might not want to do this. The needle is huge. And it's in there for an hour. But it's an easy way to get nearly $150 a month while you're doing some good.
  20. i heard donating plasma takes 2 that true?

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