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  1. I'm hooked up to the machine right now, bout halfway done. It's my first time and I was kinda worried about being turned away for failing a drug test, didn't even get tested though. Anybody else done this? It's boring haha
  2. yeah, when i was addicted to shit.

    fuck that fat ass needle sittin in your arm for like 40 minutes. i have better ways to make money now hah
  3. Yeah I'm just looking at my arm in disbelief haha. Kinda cool though

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  4. How much do you get paid?
  5. Depends on your weight. Below 150 is $30, above 150 is $50. But the more often you go, you get better paychecks.
  6. 50? fuck that
  7. You get hooked up with juice and sammiches after ?
  8. riiiight.

    they literally sit there extracting your blood for probably 25 minutes. then pump all the blood back into you after extracting all of the plasma out of it.

    it rly is just disgusting. and youll see some some dirty ass people in meanwhile.

    not hatin OP do your thing. i just quickly found out it was not my thing lol
  9. It doesn't take all that long, my plasma bottle is pretty much full. Only long part is going through all the screenings and questionnaires and shit. But that's only for the first time
  10. Yes, it is kinda gross. I just started getting my red blood cells back and its so revitalizing haha. And yes there are quite a few homeless looking people here haha
  11. hahah what movie are you guys watchin' ?
  12. I was going to go and donate for some christmas money but no places here in Fresno pay for plasma or blood. Ima donate anyways though
  13. I donated for 2 years. I would still do it but i seem to have panic attacks when I get to the taking blood pressure part. Kinda lame.

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