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Donating cannabis to dispenaries

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by It's Time, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I have a cannabis card and grow my own. The "problem" is that I have way too much for personal use. Is there a way I can legally sell it or donate it to dispensaries?

    I'd HATE to throw away all this medicine[​IMG]

    Any information on how dispensaries obtain their medicine would be great, thanks! [​IMG]
  2. i need some medicine.
  3. I would also love to be medicated
  4. You have such a cool problem. Have you considered storing your bud so you always have some medicine on hand. Im also kind of greedy so thats what i would do.
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    Call up some local dispensaries and see what they say. I'm sure they would be more than happy to sell your stuff, however I think that you should take a even smarter and more generous approach, and consider 'supplying' the shops at a discounted or cheap rate and give the money to an activist group to help further the cause of legalization for medical and/or personal use. Possibly consider a non-for profit agency like norml. They are currently trying to raise funds for national marketing to put ad's up to show the truth about marijuana and it's safety. Just my $.02. Best of luck with whatever you do.
  6. If its really a problem for you, just put it in sealed glass jars and slow down on the growing. It can last for a very long time if the jars are sealed well.
  7. Oh what i'd give to be in your situation right now haha.

    I think Justen's way is the best to go, however
  8. Easily the best idea.

  9. ^ ^ ^ agree
  10. jars are your friends
  11. My boyfriend and I were just discussing this problem for when we become patients/caregivers and begin growing "legally". What to do with all the extra pot?

    Donating is a great answer. However, we figured hey, why not just make a shit ton of hash? It's a lot more compact, and stores much easier. We would hide it under some floorboards or something in plasticwrap. Doesn't smell as dank as buds, especially if wrapped in airtight plastic, so I wouldn't be too worried about the cops/regulators sniffing it out!
  12. I actually plan on having the money donated to after school care programs, the ones that give kids stuff to do after school so they don't turn to cannabis at a young age, the age when they shouldn't need this. But I do like your idea, maybe both :hello:

  13. i also agree with this point but maybe take the money whatever you get from the dispensary and take out whatever the cost of what it cost to grow the plants and then the rest you can donate to those groups, but i think it would be fair for you to take some of the hard earned money and pay off the costs that it took to grow the plant..
  14. You usually have to talk to the owner of the dispencery, and they will say yes or no and check out the bud and maybe buy it off you for pretty cheap.

  15. Man, after school programs? No offense bro but why would you want to donate money to a government organization that isn't going to do anything but corrupt young minds like it is doing today. So what if a kid starts to smokes cannabis at a young age? Maybe smoking at a young age is a good thing considiring if they don't, they will probably be taught useless, ignorant, and hateful information at these schools and probably will never experience the wonders of ganja. You my friend, are pretty much contributing to lessen the chances of legalization.
  16. ^ dude what after school programs are you talking about? I'm pretty sure it goes toward recreational activities (ie, sporting equip., uniforms, arts & crafts.)

    I commend you it's time.

    If you are in Los Angeles, shoot me a PM.
  17. Process the excess into BHO and hash.
  18. If you want to hold onto it and make sure it doesn't spoil, get yourself a vacuum sealer and throw that shit in the freezer.
  19. After school programs may be government funded, but most are not government ran. Having volunteered in the past at a Boys and Girls club, an environment like that is supportive to a young person. Especially in the city, where you have more single parents, more chances of kids being involved in illicit activities.
  20. class is in. about selling to dispensary? here is our local problem,we have a few younsters at the local shops and they are pretty much running the store in a vary questionable way.the meds are tampered with,what meds you think may be good turn out not good,prices are sky high,i dont do the buy back cause they just buy mine at cost and jack up the price on the customer,180 per meds may not be the best,but i will pit it against most locals meds,mexican-rudalis sinsemillas,my grandfathers father has this line sence 1872, so in responce to your question,just store your extra smoke for laters.grow on.:smoking::cool:

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