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donating blood

Discussion in 'General' started by Sunflower, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. I was just about to donate blood for the red cross, you know... and I was like wait, will they know of the thc content, and will they report it or something? I mean, i just don't want to take a chance.
    Does anyone know if they check for that? Or if I should just not do it? Donate blood that is.


  2. They test for diseases, but I'm pretty sure not drugs. And I'm not sure if they're allowed to go to the police. There may be a doctor patient confidentiality thing even tho it's the red cross and not your doctor.
  3. Yeah, they might check for drugs, but I doubt they would report you. I think since you're sorta helping them out, they wouldn't go to the police. If you're worried about it, just give them a fake name and address. I was actually wondering about this very thing a few days ago...Anyway!
  4. my dad smokes pot and donates blood all the time...
  5. I was thinking of this a while back myself,i would like to donate blood too but wondered about whether traces of THC would show up.
  6. Yeah, i think i will go with the fake name thing just incase.
    Thanks Friends
  7. Before you donate blood they usually say "Blah blah blah, you must have no drugs in your system from the last 24hours....that includes marijuana".....=Danswer?...they dont care
  8. nope, a few years ago, i worked a blood drive at school. and like the next year my friend went through some rehab to get off like all drugs, and then he gave blood again.. and made a comment how it was the first time he had given clean blood... apparentley they took it.. and nothing happened to him.. so i dont think it matters...
  9. I give blood- they don't test for it.

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