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Donating blood and then smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by jakobian, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. So i just donated blood today and im sure we all konw that if you drink after you donate blood your gone in less then half of what you normaly need i was wondering if anyone has tride smoking after donating some blood? is it even safe? do you get blazed faster with less?:smoke:
  2. i donated blood and smoked with in a half hour of giving it. I dont really know if it worked because i had not smoked in two days. ( when i took a 4 day t break it did wonders ) and i was really high but really dizzy. im not sure if the blood donation helped me get higher or if it just made me dizzy.
  3. not too sure
    i hate needles
    will never give blood unless i have to for the doctor

    and to banana blunt
    im pretty sure the dizzyness was from getting blood drawn
    i get it so bad that i pass out everytime i have blood drawn
  4. i would not suggest it. I have given bood serveral times and they warn you not too smoke,drink etc. Of course being a teenage i did anyways and a ciggarette made me almost pass out, i blacked out for like a second or two. When you give bloodyour bodyobviously has less, which means it has to work harder to keep everything going. Smoking raises your heart rate, so you can risk heartattack from your already sped up heart. BUT that was like no more than 3 minutes after giving blood. Im sure if you wait a half hour or so you would be ok.
  5. And not to scare you, but i think the chances of a heart attack are slim to none. This is just a guestimaton (ahah) as to what would happen from taking human anatomy classes and smoking a ciggarette that one time.
  6. yeah its been over like 45 min jsut waiting to get some then ima try it
  7. I did that shit last Friday.

    Smoked 2 bowls with three heads about 2 hours after donating, and it was one of the best highs I've ever had.

    I highly suggest it.
  8. arent they going to screen your blood for drugs and then just discard it? i mean if your system is dirty when u donate, i remember in high school, all of the kids who induldged in drugs stayed clear when the blood donating things were going on
  9. your suppose wait an hour but i did it right after , and i got pretty blitzed and no they dont check your blood for thc, they check to make sure you dont have hiv/aids or any other blood transmitted diesease, i talked to the people about it if anything it will make the person who recieves your blood alittle "happy" hahah
  10. i smoked later in the day after i gave blood and i was sooooo ripped, like veg mode basically
  11. you should smoke and then give blood :D
  12. Im donating blood tommorrrow and i plan on vapin some nug and drinkin a little kratom tea once i get home from school ( got last period study so i can get al lthe shit need to do for the day done ) I hope being low on blood helps me get higher
  13. Its clean it will get you higher... Just dont go smoking some bombii right after donating blood...

    But yeah... do something good, give some blood smoke some weed..

    Win- Win situation..
  14. giving blood + blazing = awesome fun.

    giving blood + blazing + track practice = horrific
    i was young and dumb..
  15. I always get really dizzy after giving blood then smoking. but its all good the dizzyness goes away in 10-15 min. I was dumb I smoked in the car on my way home from giving blood as soon as i got out of the car i almost fell over it sucked,people were laughing at me lol.
  16. haha yep... done it plenty of times... it definitely increases your high... and of course they provide mujchies at those things to :hello::smoke:

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