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Donate plasma for weed money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Duha, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Look for a plasma doner near you if you are tight on money. You can go up to 2 times a week and you can make between 25-75 a visit. That is a possible 50-150 a week, I am doing this every week and I can get a 1/8 and then I am saving the rest for a few pieces for my drum set and then I am going to save up enough money to start a small grow op my friend that I buy from said he could get me clones, and said a grand would be a good starting point to start a grow op. But I am not a heavy smoker and I can make a 1/8th last 2 weeks, I usually only smoke every night and I stay high all day on saturday. I get about 100 a week so that is an extra 150 every 2 weeks and at that rate I can start a grow op in about 12 weeks from just donating plasma.

    I figured I share this with some people that are tight on money to by weed, because this is a great idea to get extra money, shit the crack heads and alcoholics been doing it for a long time now why not us stoners too.

  2. pretty much every university has a plasma donation place around it. I go in twice a week and it gets me an eighth and a case of beer every week haha
  3. How can you get high from 1/14 of 1/8 of an ounce every night for two weeks?
  4. Hmm, doesn't doing this make you like, pass out randomly though.
  5. How the fuck do you do that when they screen you for drugs?
  6. i'm intrigued. tell me more about this?
  7. I'll probly do that at college, but just for weed money is a bit sad... it's just nice to have money, and help people at the same time.

  8. .

    And, why don't you just get a job..I'm a lifeguard and I smoke everyday, I make 10$ an hour..9-4
  9. between 25 and 75 is not a good enough price for me to let someone stick a needle in me!
  10. Not any person can donate plasma from my experience....same with blood and especially semen.

  11. By smoking very small bowls,
    Keeps your tolerance low too
  12. The university closest to me is 67 miles away - I'd be spending most of the plasma-money on transportation ;)
  13. I got a job I work at ups part time and go to school full time.

    They don't screen you for drugs

    I haven't passed out.

    What they do is they do like a mini physical. Then bring you to a room with a bunch of other people that are donating their plasma. They hook you up to a machine that takes your blood and then it spins the blood to separate the plasma and then they add saline to the blood and pump it back in. Usually it takes 2 hours and you have the munchies pretty bad, but were used to that. I never really felt to tired after words. Just remember to stay very hydrated drink a lot of water, cause my brother got a kidney stone and they said that is cause he was donating his plasma and got a little dehydration that caused the stone to form. I don't know if that is common but moral of the story stay hydrated, plus it might help you to produce more plasma hence get paid more.

    I can stay high of a 1/8th cause I get home from work at 10pm I pack a bowl take 2 or 3 hits then watch adult swim until I pass out, that is Monday through Friday, I don't smoke during the days because I have to get some of my online courses done. Saturday I wake and bake and all I smoke maybe about 2-2 and a half bowls thought the day. Sunday I go play baseball come home finish the last of my school work, Then sometimes smoke or sometimes not usually not much though. So Sunday-Friday I use about 2 and a half bowls So in a average week I use maybe 6 bowls. That is 12 bowls in two weeks Which is right around a 1/8th of chronic. I always by the highest quality bud I can find so I don't have to smoke as much. I only been smoking like this for 4 months so my tolerance isn't like most people I can be high for 2-3 hours off of a quarter of a bowl.
  14. [​IMG]

    I have 9 against me, looks like i cant do it.
  15. used to donate and work at a center in tn. They dont drug test and the physical is really simple. I used to do it until they droped prices down to 45 a week for me.
  16. I do this as well when i need weed money, not all the time though because the donation center near me is real sketch(two people shot in the parking lot in the last 5 years).

    Also, if you ever donate blood(not plasma), smoke an hour or so afterwords. You will get so high. Just make sure you have plenty of muchies and drinks handy to replenish afterwords.
  17. Does it hurt worse then getting blood taken ?
  18. Would hurt a bit more I think.

    They have to take a lot more blood out and then they pump it back in.

    I dunno, never donated plasma.
  19. I'm not sure those exist in the UK, paying banks anyways, not that it matters, I get £30 a week from the government just for being in college because my parents are self employed and therefore do not have a secure income. LOL. It's a bit spongerish but meh, I am working my ass off for it, and hey, a guy's gotta treat himself once in a while hehe

    £30 Pays for my eighth a'll last me 1 or 2 nights over the weekend so how you make it last 2 weeks I have no idea.
  20. Do you have to be 21 or 18?

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