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donate palsma for bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokTez, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Any one else donate plasma to buy bud? I get about 80 bucks a week . It takes about 2 hours and we are allowed to take are laptops and what not to use while we are donating.
  2. What do u do?.... Does it hurt
  3. Huh I'm in SoCal and I think most are free around here so no money unless someone knows of a place
  4. Yeah dude! Good way to get a little extra cash, help out people you don't know, and free STD testing! Not like you couldn't find free testing else where.. but at least you get paid for it! haha

    Nah, it doesn't hurt! The poking is kind of lame.. but after a while it doesn't really bother much.

    They poke you and set you up on a machine. The machine draws blood, spins the plasma out, and returns your blood cells.

    It's a little iffy at first.. but, I think, worth it.
  5. Didnt know they still pay for this. Any side effects?
  6. Duuuude don't donate all your Palsma for $, they pay so much more for plasma
  7. Yeah lol plasma is expensive, $80? sounds like a gamestop trade in shit going on.
  8. I pretty sure they dont pay for blood only plasma
  9. Sounds like youre "selling" your plasma not "donating" it. haha

  10. you do sell plasma.

    you donate blood.

  11. They don't pay you for your plasma, they pay you for the time you spend at the center ;)
  12. Not really usually when I get done my blood sugar is really low so I just go buy a pop or something
  13. what does gamestop have to do with donating plasma lol and yeah you where I live you can donate twice a week and I get 40 bucks per session, The first couple times you get $50 bucks though.

  14. People generally equate gamestop with ripping people off because they only get about half the value of the game, and only if its popular.
  15. crackhead swag
  16. Not bad, beats sucking penises for money
  17. [quote name='"KoolBean"']Not bad, beats sucking penises for money[/quote]

    Yeah I'm past that shit
  18. I have friends that do this, I could never do it because I think of an addict trying to donate plasma for a fix lol. But it seems like a cool idea, help someone out oneday and get 80 bucks.
  19. I give plasma but I never really spend the money on weed. Every other expense always pops up. My little 50 bucks is gone so fast.
  20. Yup, I only get $20 bucks for the first donation in the week. $30 for the second. Two being the maximum times you can donate in a 7 day period.

    $50 bucks for a few hours of spending time on the net? I do that anyways! :p Goes to gas and food, mostly.

    But it does get lame after a while. I haven't gone in a couple of months.

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