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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Matticus, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Please help me contact NORML to try and arrange a fund raiser specifically and soley for ad time on television regarding the real facts about cannabis and what cannabis legalization would bring to our nation.

    I have mailed them about this topic several times, and they have not even responded. They have mailed me back on nearly every other issue I have mailed them about except for this one. I suppose they do not want any funds taken away from themselves, but they could raise a very large amount of money even if they only did this for a short amount of time.

    They already have ads for it:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Legalization: Yes We Can[/ame]

    Here's one.

    Please email norml now at to request a fund raiser where all proceeds will go specifically for purchasing national ad time.

    Thank you for your time,
  2. Pretty decent add, it would be better if there was someone new for each word/statement..

    but I guess thats what funding would help with!

    Good post, maybe i'll donate if I can scrape up enough change ha
  3. I think they may be doing that shortly.

    The contest for what AD to give national airtime to just ended days ago and they still havent even announced the winners.

  4. They have only stated that they will be buying local Ad time.

    They might lobby for donations, but I'm calling for a fund raiser in which whomever decides to be generous to NORML and give them money will know that each and every penny of their donation is gong towards television Ad time.
  5. I love the ad, Gave me goose bumps :)

    I already have donated over 1,000 in past 3 years to NORML. God bless


  6. Nowhere do they state that all proceeds will go to the advertisement. This is why I don't like NORML, they are ran too much like a business and they seem to not hold the majority's interests in mind.

    They are just asking to donate to norml to help get these ads on TV. I want to see a clause that says 100% of the donation is going to purchasing ad time.

  7. I sent them an email:

  8. I just donated $25. Screw the movies tonight and donate, that's what I did lol.
  9. I JUST gave up a 10 spot ...

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