Dominos, pizza hut, or papa johns?

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  1. I cant stand Pizza Hut or papa johns, but my girlfriend only gets pizza hut. Worse, she always gets the pan pizza. I hate that thick greasy bread.

    Which of these do you prefer? Dont throw in any random mom and pop shop. Of course a lot of those are better.
  2. Dominos, but I'm biased.

    They're the only ones that will deliver this far.

    So I mainly make my own.
  3. I was going to say you could get a pzone from pizza hut, but forgot they got rid of them. I worked there for about 4 years, and the food there is bomb. More so if you made it yourself, because we didn't put out the best pizzas when it was busy. Let's be real, the attitude of most fast food workers is not to serve the customer in the best way they can.
    On Wednesdays their wings are pretty cheap (if they still have that deal). But yeah, the thin crust was really good there. Honestly, I like all the crusts, it just depends on my mood.
    I've only had papa johns a couple of times when I was drunk in high school and it was usually just the cinnamon dessert pizza which is amazing.
    Domino's is pretty good too. I like their topping selection. And their bread knot things are delicious.
  4. Obligatory mom and pop shops are way better... but;
    With what's listed... probably Papa John's or Dominos. The Pizza Hut by me is pretty awful.
  5. i think it depends on the location really, for me papa johns is the best of the three. the dominos near me now is absolutely disgusting, other ones ive had werent nearly as bad.
  6. None of the above....and fixed that mom and pop thing for ya......
  7. Papa Jphn's crsut tate like shit.
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    It does, but it's great with the garlic butter sauce.
  9. I've got one Mom&Pop, like another mentioned, and one coal-fired that has a nice restaurant but also takeout/delivery. I'd fucks wit fast food chains. That butter and grease yo!
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    I've always thought dominos was horrible. Papa johns can be ok, but too much and it gets gross. If I had to choose between those three it's Pizza Hut.. But I usually go to this local place for great pizza instead. They aren't fastfood and they don't deliver, but I'd gladly drive over there (15-20 min) for takeout instead.
  11. Dominos pan pizza is the bomb, I don't like the other pizzas they offer.  Papa Johns is good too, way better than Pizza Hut that's for sure.
    In conclusion: pizza is awesome. 
  12. royk used to buy me pizza.

    but for real, its either papa johns or dominos.
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    Looooolllllllllllllllllll that was a long time ago.  :ph34r: 
  14. Dominos hands down.

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  15. Little caesars deep dish for $8 !!!

    Its fire when youre budgeting & have the munchies!

    But pizzahut is my go to for the most part.
  16. I grew up eating pizza hut so I'd have to go with that. BUT, I recently started ordering hand tossed about a year ago and I realized I was missing out since my family and I always ordered pan style pizza (20+ years)..I hate pan now, it's a fat piece of greasy bread with a little bit of cheese on top.
    Let's be honest though, pizza is probably the most universally hyper-palatable food ever. They all taste good, just some a little better than others.
  17. Has anyone ever tried lou malnatti's chicago deep dish sausage patty pizza?

    I used to mail order it for $120/ 6 pies from chicago. Worth every penny!
    Little Ceasar's advert is hilarious.

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    It really makes me sad now when I realize that the vast majority of fast-food advertisements all have larger, obese actors all to make their business feel more welcoming and inviting.. 
    But, back on topic: I love Pizza Hut, but between the three Domino's is the closest to me, so I usually opt out for that. 

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