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  1. Buy it.


    preferably the Chicken bacon ranch, that one is de best. I just ordered 2 of the myself with a phat coke, about to go smoke and chow down.


    Have you guys tried that shit, and let me tell you, wayyyy better than subway.
  2. Damn, dude, I would love one of those right now. Never have tried one, but looks awesome in the commercials.

    But, it is 11 pm, I am baked as fuck, and the closest subway is 15 miles away, so idk if i'm gonna go today
  3. dude this thread is amazing, i love dominos sandwiches. all of them are so dank. i member i got all of em after me and the homies blazed it. soooooooo amazing
  4. yes those subs are the shit.
    I had the Italian one twice and the back ranch once..
    Italian FTW
    for sure better than ANY main subshop
  5. That's the one I had about 2 days ago. I came into this thread with the intent of mentioning how retardedly amazing it was :yummy::smoking:.

  6. QFT those subs are fucking bommmb
  7. yeah i walked into my stoner ass cousins room the other day and there were about ten on his floor

    i was jealous

    havent tried um yet
  8. I hear nothing but praises about how great the Domino's oven baked subs are... I am gonna have to get one tomorrow for lunch. I would order one now but they are closed, I think. Maybe I should call and find out... Yeah, closed. Fuck.

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