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Dominican Republic trip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NorLIGHTS, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Im going in 2 weeks and i think it would be much safer for me to find weed down there instead risking smuggling it through an airport.

    Does anyone have any tips on trying to find some weed and is there much weed down there?

    Do they have good shit?
    what can 20 bucks get me?
  2. im not sure how easy it is to get weed there.. but if steroids are easy to get, i would think you should find some grass somewhere.
  3. coincidentally I was talking to my friend from school today who grew up there about weed, and he said they had strict laws on it, and it was crappy, and thats about all. but this also coming from someone who doesnt smoke that much...but did grow up and live there his whole life so, theres my 2 cents
  4. Yep, hes completely right. The laws are just as bad as they are in the US regarding weed. The only difference is, the cops over there are easily corruptable (sp?) and with enough money/alchohol you can bribe them, especially if your white. (Speaking from experience)

    Hes also right about quality, expect nothing but brick weed. Just regs nothing special, I mean you may be able to find some good shit. But it would be very hard. If you want to know where to get some. I would say check out surf shops and shit like that around the beach. There is a place in the city of "Puerto Plata" called "Cabarete" that is really big on partying and the beach life and extremely laid back. If theres one place you would be able to find some without really getting into alot of trouble and have fun while doing it, thats the place.

    Just a couple tips if you've never been there. Watch out where you put your money, know your shit or at least act like you know your shit. People will pickpocket you if your walking the streets looking like a tourist. Its never happened to me, but it could happen to you. Also, utilize public transportation, its incredibly cheap and its pretty legit. Enjoy the food from the street vendors. If you really want to not get diarhea though, cruise around and search for the vendors with a croud around them and maybe a couple chairs and tables. Those are usually a bit higher quality b/c they've already established a connection with the locals and have return customers.

    Wow, Sorry for the fuckn mini travel brochure I just wrote.
  5. it was legit, i read all of it and i'm not even going there haha.

    one time someone i know, not going to get into who, but a trust worthy sorce by my standards told me he would get it just in the market shops. Ask around and they'd have stuff to buy.

  6. hah yeah man i read the whole thing too, good job though man VERY informative haha, but yeah he told me about being able to bribe them, I was pretty blazed and i was enjoying my chipotle burrito while he was telling me everything so, didnt remember it all :smoking:
  7. Hahaha does your name happen to be west newtown?

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