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Dominican Republic I got questions.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Russian Roulett, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I'm going for spring break to dominican republic all inclusion for about a week and a half with my family and a couple of stoner buds. How easy is it to score some bud? Do they have good bud? Will 70 bucks get me a good ammount of herb in there? Thanks in advanced :smoke:
  2. dude when i went there i couldn't find bud the first few days, but i just asked around in the market (i was like 14 at the time) and found some creepy dude who sold us a handfull of leafy green bud for about 20, im sure you could get a better deal if you looked around but at the time i thought it was the shit. :smoke:
  3. The markets like, down along the beaches right? Where they sell necklaces and shtuff?

    I've been in dominican republic a lot of times, I was never a smoker until the begining of this year, and I wanna get blazzzed every day 6 times a day, for a week and a half straight! :)
  4. just be careful who you talk to. . .if its anything like jamaica you could get jumped and thrown in an alleyway
  5. in D.R. yes u can find weed but its alot harder to find it in placis for tourist.

    dont expect any dominicans to be nice to u.

    and u CAN get jacked man.

    u should go to puerto rico

  6. Yea, the best advice I can give you, being hawaiian and all, is this -- If you wanna score some bud on foreign islands and stuff (and this is true in hawaii as well) -- find the haoles that live there and ask them to hook it up. They will more likely be cool with you. If you approach the mokes, youre on your own man, just be careful and use common sense.
  7. look for anybody smoking cigarettes thats young 16-21 theres a 80% chance they will know where it is
  8. Man u going too DR, n all u think about is bud.. Dude, Springbreak, DR femalez... alot alotz of fine femalez... bud is tight, but DR femalez.. fuck bud, i be out thier hittin up
  9. what are mokes and what are haoles...?:confused:

  10. Bro, I can get anygirl, anytime even if she's fucking going out with somone. "with one verse i'll turn your girl into prostitution"-Gangstarr

    Bud will be the hardest thing to get, it's like a mission, once i get bud, i'll smoke out some hott bitches, and fuck em till the sun comes up.:smoke:
  11. look out for a couple shemales in the dr if youre going to trick lmao but ya like everyone said be carfeul who u talk to and make sure u have a couple friends with you and maybe just purchase a small pocket knife in a store just in case, DONT bring it back on the plane though haha
  12. dude when i went to the DR everyone was nice to me, but pretty much as long as you stay around resorts.
  13. yeah I'm going at a resort.
  14. its probly going to be hard because i went to D.R but it was when i didnt smoke and all the towns out of the resort are straight up poverty so i doubt anybody out of the resort can hook you up. but the people who sell cigars and ciggs on the beach and stuff can most likely hook you up so ask them.
  15. im from DR and it's kind of hard to get bud down there if u dont know where to go...and smoking is a serious offense down there posessin of mj will get u hard time so be careful who u talk to and where u smoke

    P.S. the easiest resort town to get bud is cabarete
  16. Allright, if you're going on a tourist all inclusive.. (I went on an Iberostar one) and my dad and I went into a souveneir necklace shop down along the beach and a dominican version of a rastafarian tried to sell my dad herb. My dad's like 'No man' and he left.. I bought a necklace and asked him to slip me some dank :smoke: So yeah, try a shop along the beach and look for a rasta man. Remember the words of the great Bob Marley.

    "Rasta Man Vibration" DOES mean something.
  17. ah tenemos a u dominicano en los foros!! que paso mamaguevo

    yo if i was u dogg i would have the most fun u can have.

    with dominican girls. man they notice that u have money and thats it!!!
  18. Damn I just figured out that my parents will be bringing a fucking cvs drug testing kit, so i can't smoke now! Damnit! I'll probably just get drunk and smoke ciggs, they don't care about that, but I only wanna toke on some weed :(
  19. damn ur parents must be hardcore. thats crazy they still test you

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