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  1. Nirvana is an excellent choice if you like their strains. It's a big plus to be able to buy fresh seeds from the breeder itself. That was my first order ever, and they were excellent.
  2. Great US seed banks:
    Greenpoint Seeds
    DC Seed Exchange
    Great Lakes Genetics

    US seed banks I'd think long and hard about ever dealing with:
    Oregon Elite Seeds
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  3. Very over whelmed trying to do my very first order of seeds... so many types. I am in US want to use a CC I found a site in Canada that seems to have many seeds in stock but charge near $30 to ship, I find that hard to swallow or I probably would have ordered from them. Many US sellers seem to be out of stock on many the types and do not seem to offer fem seeds.
    I have shopped and looked around for hours but have yet to place an order. I think this has been the hardest part as a new first time grower.... picking a strain and a seller, I just spent another hour looking around and still have not pulled the trigger and placed an order
  4. What strains are you looking for?
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  5. Check out Breeders Choice, located in CA. They are a breeder, not a bank. Their strains look excellent, but I haven't planted them yet.
    I placed a 6 seed order, paid $10 for shipping, and got them in a week, with no customs confiscation or stale seed worries. Haven't planted them yet, but if they turn out good, this will become my go-to breeder.
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    That is part of the problem I don't have a clue.... I have a 3 X 3 tent with 2 300W lights... I would like to try 2 plants in it and train them. I would like 2 different types... a day one that will help ptsd make you happy and want to get out to do things.. the other a night time one that will mellow you out and help with a sleep disorder to help get to sleep quicker. Preferably high yield long lasting, and only need a few hits to do the job... Also not sure if it makes a difference or not but I am leaning to go with coco in smart pots

    Would be great if I could grow one of each at the same time. The only thing I know I want for sure is feminized and probably not auto flower.... any suggestions???
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    bkarnaze... thanks for the lead I will check it out in a bit later this evening

    Edit I just googled Breeders Choice and see one in NL and AU but nothing CA...... you have a link??
  8. Take a little more time thinking about autos before rejecting them. Some good breeders have good autos, but there are some inferior ones too. This is a controversial topic, but more and more people are using autos now, including me. Autos tend to be a little smaller (not necessarily tho), produce a little quicker, and need less care. They are excellent for someone who wants to try lots of different strains by growing many different plants at once.

    For sleep, you need a strong indica, or indica hybrid that's at least 70% indica. Edible highs are longer lasting, and a good indica edible might allow you to sleep all night. There are some trivial edible recipes that work well if you have interest. The actual strain names matter far less than the %Indica, %Sativa, and %THC.

    For daytime use consider a sativa dominant hybrid, a high CBD strain, or both. CBD is actually a mild stimulant, not a sleep inducer. It can almost completely eliminate the thc high, and has excellent medicinal properties. A slightly different strategy would be to grow an indica, a sativa, and a high cbd strain.
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  9. These are the feminized strains that I have growing outdoors all from US banks
    Classic Seeds - Head Band x Chem#4 (Guava Chem)
    CSI Humboldt - Branded Bubba, Bubba's Diesel, Purple Indica#2 x Purple Urkle and Three Queens
    Doc's Dank Seeds - GG#4 S1
    Hammerhead Seeds - Bio Diesel x Sour Dubble
    In House Genetics - Rainbow Cookies
    Mass Medical Strains - Chupil and Star Pupil
    Mosca Seeds - Double Zero OGK and Helio OGK
    Pisces Genetics - Gnar Dog and Valley Dawg
    I like Pisces Valley Dawg for daytime CSI Humboldt has a lot strains that would be good for sleep.
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  11. Where can I find some of rare dankness from a us seed bank I've been trying to find some rugburn og reg seeds for the longest time
  12. I ended up with fem aurora indica for first grow from nirvana, I germinated 3 seeds and they are now almost 2 weeks into seedling all 3 popped 3 days apart the first one to pop has it's first set of 3 finger leafs and the other 2 are still working on pushing their 1st 3 finger leafs out. I figure this grow will take till maybe mid january before harvest....

    I want to try auto for my next grow when this one is done so I ordered some fem autonight queen for true north and they sent me a free auto amnesia seed.

    Both banks sent stealth and both orders got here within 2 weeks with no problems.. I would not mind trying a US bank but there seems to be a lot of mixed feeling on US banks, most seem to say quality is no where near what over seas is also there seems to be some reliability/honesty issues with US banks...
  13. If what you got doesn't work for sleep the way you want it to, I highly recommend Romulan in edibles. It will set you straight. At least, it does for me, and I was sleeping 3-4 hours a night before I got my card.
  14. Do you have a link? I googled breeders choice and all I get are EU prices.
  15. Been running Greenpoint gear for awhile now, seeds to my door as fast as 3 days so far 100% germination rate, genitics are sound, some variation in plant pheno but no more then any other seed banks gear....
  16. My apologies.
    I gave the wrong name.
  17. Oops! I've been using the wrong name. That CA breeder is Growers Choice, not Breeders Choice.
  18. look up Sharktankseedbank on instagram
  19. Figured I would chime in with my experience of US based banks.

    Lumberjack Seed Source - pass word is Timber. They carry Ocean Grown seeds. Never had any issue with orders.

    Dc Seed Exchange - A few breeders, Doc D, Hazeman. Good freebies, and great service.

    HeadieGardens - IG bank. You find him and email him to get a list of stock. Strayfox. Bodhi. Dominion Seeds. A+ service and great freebies.
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