Domes for clones or seeds as well?

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  1. Are domes just for clones, or do they have applications for seed germination in soil. I have seen information suggesting you should use a dome when germinating in soil. I have also had people tell me that domes are only for clones and an unnecessary complication for seed germination, also bringing with it a risk of a mold contamination. I would like to hear what your opinion is on the matter

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  2. Dome for seeds if you need to control temp or humidity. For example, I popped last beans in my basement where temp is 65F and humidity is low because my heat is on. I used a heat mat and starter dome. As soon as first fan leaves appeared, the dome came off. Need to be careful you don't overwater in a dome as the soil will stay damp. You don't want sprouts to damp-off. Mold is generally not an issue for me.

    I think most folks don't use a humidity dome for popping seeds.
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  3. Thanks homie I value ur input, it's much appreciated
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  4. I've never used a dome for seeds.
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  5. I was walking through the forest the other day and there were domes and paper towels laying everywhere.
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  6. domes are a good tool, it's just not needed for every job (I recently learned from GC)
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  7. So the dome has been off since last night. The soil is looking basically perfect as far as moisture content. Still nothing peeking above the surface. I have the light on the schedule it will be till it goes outside. I know to watch for drying out and I have a spray bottle with a good mist sprayer so I am keeping close eye on it. Hoping to see something soon. Going to start an lsd later today
  8. Clones / cuttings have no roots and will dry and die before they root without the dome.

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  9. I have used domes in the past to help tomato seed germination. I however have removed it from my grow and am just keeping a close eye not to dry out
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    My clones did better w/o the dome & heat pad, AFTER put into soil. Conditions vary.
  11. Damping Of (fungal infection) really likes domes ...see you never had damping off yet?

    avoid unless you are a clone of a clone
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  12. Have not had it. Actually never heard of the shit till yesterday and since then I have heard it many times so it's made me become aware of the possibility. Would u think putting a small fan in the closet would benefit things? There's really not much of any air circulation in there and I'm thinking maybe there should be at least a small one so it's not such an enviting atmosphere for shit like that. Spent the morning reading about dampening off and compost tea lol
  13. What's your temp and humidity in your grow space?
  14. You absolutely must have airflow. For actively growing plants you need to be able to exchange all the air in your grow space every 5 minutes. Without good airflow you WILL run into all kinds of problems you don't need.
  15. Idk bro ngl. It's in the 70's for sure and humidity probly in the high sixties mid seventies I would say. I'm a order an rh meter today. Kinda one of those small things I just overlooked which is why I'm starting all this now instead of April proper. Growing I always just went off feeling. Like If it's comfortable for me its comfortable for them. Now I know we r talking about two totally different organisms. But some principles remain the same. Like a properly hydrated growing medium. I'm very experienced when it comes to properly hydrating substrates which is why I have felt so confident about the moisture level of my soil
  16. Word, I opened the door a third of the way and pointed a fan toward the door that should be good. There's not a ton of space in there
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  17. So, environment matters. It informs all kinds of decisions. Once you know, report back, and keep an eye on these through grow. Also, what is your grow space? Tent?
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  18. Nah just closets, open air basically just rooms of my crib. I'm only veging till they can make it outside and taking clones of strains that I don't have tons of seeds of
  19. When are you going outside?
  20. Between late may to June 7th
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