Domeless Ti nail or Glass nail/dome?

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  1. Looking to buy attachment for my bong so will be able to use my oil, what would you recomend I get?

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    Domeless nail and carb cap is the best setup besides electronic nails in my opinion. I have highly educated domeless with carb cap and it is so much more efficient than nail, dome and finger carb Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. I bought a bong,and two pipes from a smoke shop.I also go down to a hookah lounge and we remove some tabbaco and put in weed and he carded me and he still let us smoke.also DR fumbles I don't how old you are and I don't really care you seem like a dick.I'd like to end our conversation here so have a generous weekend.
  4. I am at school thanks,I'm actually in my advanced placement human geography instead of talking about me how about you.are youemployed?in a relationship?how about food stamps?
  5. Thanks for your input, would you suggest a domeless+carb cap over  a Ti domeless with a dome ?
  6. i have a 14mm domeless quartz nail , works very well only had an issue with it clogging a few times which is easily solved by torching/dryhitting it. But if your gettin domeless its called that for a reason a domelss with a dome around it doesnt make much sense to me ...
  7. reclaim chambers are a muzt also IMO
  8. This is the think, I wont be getting oil very often and when i do it is really expensive/ G so I want to be as efficient as possible and from what I've seen, domeless' seem to be quite wastefull.
  9. Domeless nails are the ones that are most convenient. Glass nails are cheaper, but the titanium nails will last you longer. For more information on each check out Grasscity has amazing prices on the ones that should work with your piece. 
  10. my sister goes into smoke shops for me

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  11. highly educated brand all the way

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  12. Lol who are you. And what caused such a response. Do you really hate domeless nails and carb caps that much.

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