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dome perc vs. tree perc

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dan Gleesac, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. well ive been looking into bongs and i found a nice cheap dome perc bong but ive also seen a ton of nice looking tree perc bongs....i was just wondering what are the differences between the two and which one is the better perc to go with.....
  2. Drag: tree perc > dome perc

    durability:tree perc< dome perc (unless they are reinforced trees like what are starting to be more common.)

    cleaning:tree perc < dome (this one is personal preference, i find domes really easy to clean as their domes hold a nice amount of salt/iso and allow me to get a good cleanin while trees might be a bit tougher).
  3. do they function in the same way?
  4. trees are better during the actual smoking. but domes are easier to maintain. i would go for a tree if i were u
  5. word thats mad chillin but i just found a sweet 18 inch double dome perc for 66 i htink that just took the cake....hahaha
  6. na dude dont even bother. tree percs are.......well they are god. :eek:
  7. man for 66 bones? Unless you find a tree perc for anywhere near there, id get the dome. Good find man
  8. sorry if this goes against the rules ill take it down just tell me . top left of the page. bam sucka what! :hello:
  9. I like Tree Percs alot more.

    But if its not in your budget, a Dome will work.

    Its like asking if you want a Cadillac or a Hondai.

    Of course you want the Luxury but sometimes its not in the cards.
  10. dude look at the link above me. 47 bucks for A TREE PERC:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  11. you need to order 10 items from that site, all there stuff is super cheap so it might be well worth it. try to get some friends to buy stuff with you, so you don't need to order stuff you don't need. or just resell unused glass...
  12. na its a minimum of 100 bucks order. but i dont understand how one person cant spend anything less than 100 bucks. i love gorilla glass sooooo much everyone needs to kno about it and no i dont work for them :cool:
  13. ye that is where i found it.....ive been checking that out becuase im planning on getting 10 pieces cause a lot of my friends lack glass......and i have a bong but i want another one and those ones are cheap and pretty cool......but today i found a temporary job making 11 bucks an hour so with that cash im gonna get a sweet custom bong......
  14. go with kind creations:hello: if u live in colorado
  15. im not from colorada as it says in my location bar thing..........but i do have the number for a man who does costum im gonna give him a ring
  16. Can anybody vouch for the quality of gorilla glass? I'm interested in the 49$ 22in perced bong. So if you guys know anything lemme know.
  17. i mean for 50 bucks u aint getting 7mm glass. but hell thats 50 bucks for a tree perc for gods sake!
  18. ohhhh u do. does he ship? is it quality work? shoot me his e-mail caus i need a good custom!
  19. Keep in mind that Gorilla site has a minimum of 100 dollars
  20. but i dont understand how u cant spend anything less than that with those prices and selection

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