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  1. Lemme know you guys think!

    [ame=]phILLy-redruM (freestylin' intro) - YouTube[/ame]

    Freestylin' (actually freestylin tho, not that blackberry shit lmao)

    Who wanna test the martry who rhymes softer than
    V necks and cardigans goin to the bar to spend
    benjimans on these dumb bitches, my thumb twitches
    as drums kickin, rum sippin til the fun thickens

    My gum's rippin in mums kitchen as some dissin
    these snitches will be done delicious in a couple minutes
    A couple chemists workin on the meth lab
    So get back these dressed fags invest racks

    I just wanna sex a hoe watchin rocket power
    episodes, so I wanna stay young like johny depp from blow
    down to mexico, bitch what ya textin fo
    I gotta confess, i keep the ketchup close only lettuce knows

    Cuz my heavon shows every second of perception
    I check in, check out, step into inception
    protectin the message, an ordinary refuge
    My nephew never met you, but he'll wet you

    Don't look to far in it, white boy spinach
    grinnin, sinnin, concealin penicilin in the village
    I spill n pillage like killa cam, I got
    More blades than a ceilin fan, how u feelin fam?

    I'm feelin fantastic, wrappin grams
    In this grand damn plastic, trans am passin
    vam damn action a stan fan blastin
    Off, he mad at this emcee named asher roth

    I'm a cancer, no really I'm a cancer
    The stars align in a line, i gotta answer
    Like allen, I demand a jimmy like a fallin
    Cuz I don't need aids like white boys callics

    Prone to ownin the spot like grown pot
    he Named her katrina cuz she made the dome rock
    Mind body n soul to Jon gotti this whole
    Earth...bold verse sold first went gold,percs
    Were joke sure, It was ish like kosher
    I ain't trying to get canned like a fuckin coaster
    Coke like soda, greens like yoda
    These fiends be so in..Rollin like coasters
    Rollin like posters
    Burn like a toaster
    villa like nova, jay like hova
    Range like rova, raps like cold cuts
    so robust old sluts in the tour bus
    Four us.,,whore crutch more struts
    Yours sucks let's fuck on the floor rug
    i got more drugs to snort hun, pour some
    down and get sore from the cuts of fort cum
    adore rum like bore dumb at fordamn
    get more done than a ford one-fifty
    Aford one jimmy for poor dumb thrifty
    whore scum shitty horrocore fans goin
    door to door like an order form like courts adjourned
    know the norm norm society and sobriety
    I make bitches shake like they got anxiety
    I try to the be mister wizard, it figures
    this blizzard is sizzurp sippin from the river
    she quiver, shut it down like a a liver
    she limber, come around town with the chipper
    thinkin up some figures, I figure the figures
    from strippers, tippers, and ordinary sippers
    you sippin on ribbin, never even chip in
    a chip off the block to piss of the cops
    Rip off the chains, kick flip back tax
    And live off the change, I need stack that fast
    and live off the name

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