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  1. ...3 minutes until episode #2

    I already know that, once again, Eliza Dushku is going to turn me on and turn my thoughts impure for the rest of the evening.

    I'm just really interested to see how this episode will be. I can't really judge a show based on its pilot alone, but, after 2 episodes I feel like I'm allowed to start judging.

    I don't think Joss Whedon will ever let me down, though. :love:

    Anyhow. Discuss the show, and if you haven't watched it yet. Watch it!

    You can catch the pilot on fox's website or on surfthechannel.
  2. awww, shit!!!
    i'm missing it. :(

    guess i'll have to catch it online.
    thanks for the reminder!

  3. Boyd Langdon hands gun to Echo.

    Langdon: "Do you know how to use this?"

    Echo: " I have 4 brothers... None of them democrats"

  4. Alright. I've gotta say I wasn't incredibly impressed with the pilot episode. This episode luckily kicked the shit out of it.

    Maybe Joss Whedon has done it again?
  5. Same. I mean. It's Joss fucking Whedon, so I couldn't be too put off by the first episode. It definitely didn't meet my hopes and expectations, though.

    This episode, however, was way more in line with what I had hoped and expected for out of this show.

    I'm especially pleased that I liked it so much despite the way overused plot line of the epi. (human hunting human)

    I liked the interspersed flashbacks and that there were more opportunities in this episode than in the pilot for the witty humor that I'm so in love with.
  6. Well said. I love the ol' Whedon cliffhanger before every break. I also saw a lot more potential in plot development this time around.

    Do you know if Joss wrote this episode?
  7. Huge Joss Weadon fan over here!

    I just watched Dollhouse s01e01on
    so far so bad...totally lacks the wit of any of his other shows.

    I will of course continue to watch, Joss hasn't let me down yet either. Lets hope it turns around.
  8. excellent, excellent...much better than the pilot.found the men somewhat creepy. but reminiscent of what Joss does so well.make you want more.
  9. Very good episode!

    Its on too. ;)
  10. Perhaps not so much a fan if you can't spell the man's name right.:mad:. I kid

    ... but seriously.

    Anyway, yeah. I knew going into it that the pilot wasn't going to be great because FOX made Whedon re-shoot it. However, with all the exposition, and "action" that the network demanded to be included in the pilot, there wasn't much room for Joss to be Joss.
  11. The show is just getting better and better! :hello:
  12. this was such a good episode for establishing what the show is about, but I really dislike Topher and the other dude that clocked Echo with the gun, but as far as Echo showing signs of individuality that was good. best line, "it ain't oak, but it's on its way to wood." :Dlmao...the writing was better, although the whole religion is evil was way over the top...and then the government ATF guy wasn't any better...but still a good episode.:hello:
  13. yay. My thread is back! I actually didn't get to watch tonight's epi, so i'll have to catch it on hulu tomorrow, and then I will gladly discuss with y'all.

    I agree with you, uze2didntsmk. I really dislike Topher, but it's more because, to me, he just seems like a sucky version of Wash from Firefly.

    Speaking of which, have y'all heard that Alan Tudyk was cast as Alpha?? Foop informed me of this, and then I looked into it some more. There's a lot of speculation whether or not he actually will be alpha, or if Whedon did this as a red herring to throw us off from guessing Alpha's true identity.

    Not gonna lie, I really hope that it will be Alan Tudyk. Plus, I really don't think someone would go that out the way to throw people off...
  14. Yeah I find the men in the dollhouse more than a little bit odious, (except for Echo's handeler) .. but oddly enough I like Adele she is such a snippy Brit, and powerful with it..,and the show is starting to reveal more of the overarching plot of self identity...pretty good like all of Joss's other shows, I hope it lasts:)
  15. Whoa, good twist!
    Keeps getting better and better!

    I heard people wanted this show be like buffy. WTF, thats stupid.
  16. Eliza Dushku is the only reason I want to see this show. The plot and acting looks awful though. Probably will end up being another Tru Calling.
  17. excellent episode, I thought the neighbor was a doll,but when they set her up to be killed I was like ahh maybe not, and then the beautiful, so Joss like, (he wrote this epi.) it is getting better...and Eliza is just lovely....:hello:
  18. I love how Agent Ballard is always absolutely kicking ass.

    After seeing Man on the Street and seeing the preview for next week's episode (the awakening) I'm glad to see that this show is finally going places.
  19. YAY! Foop posted in my thread!! :yay:

    I'm glad that you liked Man on the Street like I thought you would.
  20. "it's just so heaavy" "have you seen my drawer of inappropriate starches" the Whedonverse at its best...I like how the dolls are starting to become "more" and I thought Victor was good as the homeland security's easy to have good episodes when the material is good, and the last 3 episodes were just so much better than what came before.:hello::cool:

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