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  1. i watched the pilot on hulu and thought it has some potential. especially cause i used to have kind of a crush on eliza dushku when i was a kid and i havent seen her in a while. but uh id still beat. anyways i liked the show. anyone else have an opinion?
  2. I thought it was entertaining. I like Joss Whedon so I'll watch a few more episodes before I really judge it.
  3. i saw the show its ok so far i hope it getts better in the next cople of episodes tho
  4. It's no Firefly. But that's a little of me still being bitter.

    I think it has potential. It looks like shit in full screen though. I saw a clip of it in wide and thought "now that's a much prettier show."

    Still, I wasn't blown away.
  5. :hello:Its good 2 see her back,i have faith it will be good

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