Dollar tree drug test.

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  1. I just used one to test my pee. Negative means it's unable to detect thc. You dipped it in water and 2 lines came up meaning it was negative, not able to detect thc. Your water is negative for thc.
    I will say they are tricky. I'm similarly built as you. I took one at about 30 days and the line was so faint I couldn't tell if it was there or if my eyes were playing games. Took one about 10 days later and same thing. Took one just now and 2 lines came up, but the tester was quite faint, but still there (according to the package, it doesn't matter the faintness). I have another one that I'm going to use the next time I gotta pee. It's been two calender months, February was short so maybe 57 days, since I smoked. Hopefully I'm in the clear. Good luck with your new job!
  2. old thread yup I got it. heres my two cents. I have a pre employment drug test Friday morning. I bought a few of the dollar tree tests. done two and tested positive. Im now washing my self with water and cranberry juice and I've got the gatorade/certo for tomorrow into the testing day. im 6'6" 310 lbs but I move a lot and work out but still got my belly. haven't used in like a week and a half and then only sparingly like every other week but I used to smoke a lot... I mean a freaking lot when I wasn't married. it seems like all that I've smoked and gained weight is releasing into my bloodstream.

    Does anyone think ill pass if I do the flushing methods?
  3. they were always accurate with me.

    "And I thought hurricane season was over"

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