Dollar tree drug test.

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  1. Anyone have experience with these?

    I stopped smoking for 3 weeks. Fucked up and chiefed a blunt. Now it's been another 3 weeks.

    I bought 3 and the first one tested negative with a decently solid line. The second one however came up pretty faint. I'm hopefully interviewing for a job soon and I'm apprehensive.

    I'm 5'8 157 and lift weights 3X a week.

    Anyone know if they're accurate?
  2. Dollar tree tests aren't that accurate, depending how dirty your pee is. Drink a ton of cranberry juice, if you don't have that drink a gallon or two of water a day and you'll be good in a week or so. Good luck man
  3. They should be accurate to 50 ng/ml
  4. Firstly, the faintness of the line should not be taken as an indication of your THC level.

    If your test is like this:

    Then two lines means negative, no matter how faint the second line is.

    Secondly, you should be aware that dollar store drug are not very accurate. That's not to say that they're useless though. You should take into account that this is a cheap home drug test, lab tests are generally much more scrutinizing. So if you take multiple dollar store drug tests and find that you're passing every time, I would take as an indication that you are either currently able or at least close to being able to pass a lab drug test.

    That "or" is important. Don't take home drug test results as a definite indication of whether you'll pass a lab test or not, take them as an indication that you may be close to passing. If I were you, I would still give myself another week or so just to be safe.
  5. Fuck the tree tests, you can spit on them an they test positive
  6. Are you trying to apply at dollar tree? Or you bought the test from dollar tree?

    AFAIK the actual store doesn't test as I had a friend that worked one in my area and he had no test.
  7. I'm using the dollar tree tests. And thanks for the info. If I have my friend turn in my app for me and they don't call me back till next week then hopefully ill be good if evidence is correct.
  8. I once had a dollar store drug test and took it while smoking a blunt. Came up negative, go figure
  9. Let me add, I smoke everyday all day...
  10. "All I do is smoke weed, I don't give a SHIITTT."
  11. Well fuck now I'm worried. My homies turning in my application on Monday.....
  12. Idk about the drug tests but my ex girlfriends mom is a nurse and she said the doller tree pregnancy tests are the same ones they use at the hospital
  13. Forgot to update. I got the job! I stay burnin and earnin' all day :)
  14. Dollar Tree tests? They just let me in straight to work, show up vaped everyday.
  15. I'm sorry but what are you thinking buying DT's from the dollar store.
  16. Doesn't matter, I got another job that saliva tested for Pre-employment but no random. So far 35 hours+ each week $$$
  17. Must drug and preg tests for that matter are wry cheap and easy to produce. They are actually pretty accurate. Most pre-employment testing is not quantitative but qualitative. They get either a yes or no by the lines. There are "actual" lab tests that are read by an analyzer and could nail you but the tests are far too expensive for pre employment.
  18. just tried the dollar tree drug test in water and it came back positive...a true reflection of accuracy.
  19. give a sperm sample instead there's no way you'll fail
  20. I know this is am old thread, but I took a 10 pannel pre employment test today for an employment agency. Haven't smoked in 27 days .5'9 175 lbs. The lady let the test sit there while interviewing me for at least 15 minutes. I finished my interview and when I left she still didn't look at it. She hasn't contacted me all day to say I failed. I go tomorrow to talk to the msn at the job tomorrow and she told me to be ready to start tomorrow as well. Paranoid I buy 3 dollar tree test when I leave. 2 showed what looked positive to me very very faint negative line and I put one in water that showed negative. Not inconclusive but negative! The test are not reliable if water shows a negative (2 dark lines). Hoping it was negative or that because of my experience for the position she is looking for that she just threw it away with its only marijuana attitude. So far I still start go/tomorrow. We'll see

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