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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by site, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. For my Cotempoary Problems class my teacher wants us to research either flat-out legalization of weed or the legalizing of it for medicinal use. Of course I'm gonna go for flat-out legalization but I need a little bit of help. Does anyone know where I could find a dollar figure on how much the war on drugs cost last year? Does NORML have it maybe?
  2. Nevermind I answered my own question. Guess I shoulda checked first.

  3. Almost forgot about this thread, thanks for the linkage Panda.


    EDIT: Now I gotta find a figure on total alcohol deaths per year. That seems to be a hard one to find.

    EDIT2: Oh and before I forget, can someone tell me which Presidential Administration started the War on Drugs?

    Theres a lot of good legalization info on this site, I think there is a comparison chart with alcohol and tobacco deaths on it somewhere.
  5. Sweet, thanks for the links. These'll seriously help with my case.

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